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“Numbers-I’ve Got NFL Numbers”


A big weekend in the NFL, with 10-teams fighting for wildcard playoff berths, or a share of first place, with two weeks left in the season.

Interesting numbers here-there-everywhere in the NFL, some amazing stats on good teams, some awful stats on bad clubs. Here’s a laundry list of numbers.

CHARGERS…Philip Rivers offense has lived off the ‘chunk plays’ this year. Heading into the Ravens game, they’ve put up 192-plays of 10yards or more, and 65-plays that gained 20-or more. The opposition, 144-snaps of plus 10, and just 51-plays of 20-yards plus. Lots of huge yardage plays.

RAVENS…Baltimore comes in with the number 1-ranked defense in the NFL in least yards allowed, but here’s an odd stat. Despite giving up (294) yards a game on defense, when they’ve played the big offensive teams, they’ve been burned….339-to Andrew Luck and the Colts….395 to Roethlisberger and the Steelers…and 442-to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Bodes well for the Bolts.

SAINTS….Drew Brees magic continues (31TD-4 Int) in a mystical season that has him throwing for (3,463) in a (12-2) season.

BEARS…No one will want to play them right now-not because of the cold weather in Chicago-but the cement tough defense they have…45-sacks…35-takeways…and a rude 34% on 3rd down conversion rate.

BRONCOS…They’ve wasted a bunch of good games from Von Miller and friends, as the Orange has 42-sacks and 24-takeaways, but no playoff games.

HOUSTON…What a year for QB-Deshaun Watson, (3,592P) and (436R) on the ground..the only negative 52-sacks he’s taken.

CHIEFS….We’ve seen Patrick Mahomes do it most every Sunday, an offense that now (427YPG), but doubt creeps in because the KC defense leaks oil, allowing (409YPG), despite 46-sacks and 23-takeaways on that side of the ball.

COLTS…Everyone is rooting for Andrew Luck in a fabulous bounce back season (3,951P-34TD) and only 16-sacks for the campaign. His team has won 7-of-1.

PATRIOTS …Weird numbers, they’ve lost 2-in a row, and went (3-5) on the road., and yet Tom Brady dazzles (3,979P-24TD)

STEELERS…It’s been streaky in Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger has (4,462P) 30-TDs, but has 15-picks, negating an offense that is averaging (405YPG)

CAROLINA…Much written and said about Cam Newton’s improvement, but how about Christian McCaffrey’s numbers coming out of the backfield, 265-touches and (1,627APY).

CHICAGO….The return of the Monsters of the Midway defense….45-sacks…35-takeaways…and holding QBs to 34% conversion on 3rd downs.

COWBOYS…What a season for Ezekiel Elliott, 286-carries, 72-receptions so far, and (1,394Y) rushing…maybe an MVP candidate. Dallas has won 5-of-6, and by the way WR-Amari Cooper is averaging (15YPC) since the Raiders trade.

PACKERS…A lost year for QB-Aaron Rodgers, (23TD-2Int) but he’s taken 44-sacks, and a defense that has been shredded by injury.

RAMS…Everyone yelling ‘fire’ with two losses in a row, and yes Jared Goff has 1TD-7 interceptions in his last three games…but they close out with the 49eers and Cardinals

VIKINGS….A typical Kirk Cousins year, (3,913P…but 17-turnovers, 34-sacks, and a team scuffling to be in the playoffs.

GIANTS…A miserable season in New York for Eli Manning, but not his rookie RB-Saquon Barkley….305-touches already….(1,153R)…(654Y) receiving.

SEAHAWKS….They lead the league in rushing (154YPG)….but Russell Wilson has taken 42-sacks while turning it over just 10-times.

BROWNS….It’s like night and day for Baker Mayfield since the Hue Jackson firing…his passing percentage has gone from 58% to 70%….QB rating is up to 101….turnovers are down…and Cleveland has won 5-times since the coaching change.

TITANS…Somehow Mike Vrable has squeezed his team into playoff hunt, with lots of injuries at quarterback, some good days running the ball (Derrick Henry)…some days lots of dropped passes…progress I guess.

Of course there are some pretty bad numbers around the NFL too, because thee are some pretty bad teams

TAMPA BAY…What a dichotomy..(416YPG) on offense…but allowing (396YPG) on defense…and those turnovers (32)..and those sacks (38)..ugh.

ARIZONA…Tough learning curve season the kid QB-Josh Rosen….66-QB rating…55% completion rate….17-turnvoers in half a season as starter.

ATLANTA…Lousy season despite the success of QB-Matt Ryan…his defense has given up 47-touchdowns.

DETROIT…Matthew Stafford, an enigma at QB…they need him to throw for a lot…he takes a lot of sacks (37) and doesn’t have much defensive help.

EAGLES…From Super Bowl to Toilet Bowl…injuries have something to do with it…but so do 36-sacks allowed and 19-turnvoers.

49ers…Lost 2-QBs with injuries and a defense that has given up 30-TD passes.

RAIDERS…So much for the Gruen-Derek Carr joining forces to dominate…….Carr 47-sacks and 36% on third down conversions…that plus an ugly defense (385YPG).

BENGALS…Marvin Lewis’ team has lost 7-of-9…No playoff games for them to lose this year.

JAGUARS…Somebody pays the price for his mess, 9-losses in 10-games…QB rating of (83)…44-sacks allowed…no faith in whomever was back there..not much of a run game either.

JETS…Sam Darnold is learning on the job…some Sundays’ better than others….(14TD-15Int-72 QB rating)

REDSKINS…4-quarterbacks used….lost 4-of-5…QBs combined rating (81).

Enjoy the chase for the final playoff spots this weekend, likely more big numbers from QBs too.


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