1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL PREVIEW”

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6-games left for the teams the NFL playoff race, so crunch time is right infront of us.

A quick look at this weekend’s games and a candid comment you shoulder think about.

CHARGERS-PATRIOTS…The coaches are on the clock, Brandon Staley in jeopardy of another non playoff season, and Bill Belichick, his quarterback problems, his bad drafts, his failures in free agency.  QB-Justin Herbert continues to shine (20TD-6Int)…Keenan Alle does likewise (97R-1,117Y) but no one else is doing much.  Khalil Mack is earning his salary with his 11-sacks and his play in the quarterback’s face, but there’s not much else around him with that 30th ranked defense.  Belichick’s problems are far ranging.  The erosion in the play of now benched QB-Mac Jones.  The lack of any playmakers on the offense.  The lack of big time players via the draft.  The decision to shun free agency.  It’s like Belichick is using a 1980s game plan to get players.  All you need to know is that Mac Joes has been benched now 4-times in 2-seasons and his offense is averaging (219YPG).  The Pats are (2-9) and just (1-5) at home.  Who gets terminated first, the Bolts or Pats coach?

COWBOYS-SEATTLE…Dak Prescott”s (104QBR) has rallied back Dallas into relevance.  Geno Smith’s (88QBR) has led to a disappointing Seahawks season.  That’s all you need to know.

COLTS-TITANS..Not sure anyone can believe Indy is (6-5) with a volatile turnover plagued QB-Gardner Minshew.  The Titans look to be on the brink of a major tear-down rebuild.

LIONS-SAINTS…Is the season getting away from QB-Jared Goff, who managed games so well last year and into this hot start, but is now taking sacks, turning the ball over.  New Orleans has Derek Carr, but because of injuries around him, his (88QBR) means they are struggling

FALCONS-JETS…..Misery loves company.  Desmond Ridder is back in the starting lineup, but he has a bad ratio (7TD-14 Tovers) on his resume.  The Jets, where do you begin with this mess?  Four losses in a row, a (260Y) per game offense and all their QBs with a (71-QBR)

STEELERS-ARIZONA….Somehow Pittsburgh is (7-4) despite Kenny Pickett’s poor season (81R)..an erratic run game and a hot-cold receiving group.  The Cardinals are (1-9), the wideouts are averaging (9.4YPC) and the defense has allowed (358YPG).

MIAMI-WASHINGTON…Tua-Tyreek-Waddle keep doing it-Sunday by Sunday.  They are averaging (430YPG)-continue to reel off big plays.  Washington cannot protect QB-Sam Howell (55-sacks), have lost 5-of-6, and Ron Rivera appears headed towards a firing.

DENVER-HOUSTON…Fun game to watch.  Who could imagine Russell Wilson’s team would have a 5-game winning streak and a (103QBR) ?  Houston is an even bigger surprise, with CJ Stroud’s impressive season (3,266P-19TD-5 Int-100 QBR).

CAROLINA-TAMPA…Frank Reich is gone, so how much time does Todd Bowles have left with the Bucs?  Tough year for the (1-10) Panthers, averaging just (265YPG).  The Bucs have lost 6-of-7 and are giving up (363YPG), so this is not just a Baker Mayfield problem.

RAMS-BROWNS…Matthew Stafford meet Jim Schwartz’s Cleveland defense.  The Browns are giving up just (264YPG) and have 37-sacks, but they are on their fourth different starting QB this year, with Joe Flacco coming off the street corner, having to start.

49ers-EAGLES…Another heavyweight fight coming, Jalen Hurts (3,107 APY)-vs the Niners defense (33 QB-sacks-21-takeaways).  Lost in the conversation is the fact SF is ‘stormtrooping’ everyone on offense (386YPG), teaming Brock Purdy with RB-Christian McCaffrey (1,320APY), and a receiving group that averages (13YPC)

CHIEFS-PACKERS…Green Bay has won 3-of-4 with the kid Jordan Love and his young receives back in sync.  KC has Patrick Mahomes, but what is around Mahomes is not what it used to.  Yes they are averaging (364YPG) but it’s not the terrifying offense it used to be.

BENGALS-JAGUARS…The season is over with the Joe Burrow injury, this 3-game losing streak around their neck in Cincinnati.  The Jags are methodical, keep making plays, have not had bad injuries, and have won 7-of-8 games with a very diversified offense.

Enjoy it-we will review it on Monday.


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  1. Manga Dolo says:

    Raiders on a bye week. If interim head coach Antonio Pierce can win three of remaining five games I think he will have earned an official head coach contract. We will see!

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