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“NFL Preview-Who Wins–Why”

“NFL-Let the Season Begin”


It’s here, the start of a most anticipated 2022 season.  So many stories, so many places, including alot of uncertainty at quarterback for some teams.

A look at the Divisional races-who wins and why.


..BUFFALO….You have to learn how to win at crunch time (playoffs) and hopefully Buffalo will use last yea’rs disappointment to push them over the top.  Josh Allen still needs a better run game but the receiver corps looks superb…A young growing defense now adds Von Miller.

..MIAMI..Make or break year for Tua Tagovailoa, but they have added Tyreek Hill to a three man receiving group that is excellent, and the defense played fierce football last year under then coach Brian Flores…Could be very good if the QB is a game changer not a game manager.

..PATRIOTS…They have emerging QB-Mac Jones, but they have the strange mix of Matt Patricia-Joe Judge coming from defense to call plays on offense…Do they have the right mix of skill around Jones?  Can a rebuilt defense take another step forward in the Belichick system?

..JETS..Long rebuild road continues for Robert Saleh and he has to start with Joe Flacco at QB and injuries to Zach Wilson-QB-and LT-Mekhi Becton

..BENGALS..No fluke last year, they earned it, and now they have gone out and added 3-new offensive lineman to protect QB-Joe Burrow.  A young defense getting better with experience.  The battle will be tougher this year to repeat.

..RAVENS…Devastated by injuries, now they have them all back to put around QB-Lamar Jackson and they have the brilliance of Coach Jon Harbaugh.  This will be a battle with Cincinnati.  They don’t play pretty football but they do win.

..BROWNS..No Deshaun Watson means a week to week struggle on offense.  Yes they have Nick Chubb-Kareem Hunt but there may be too much reliance on the Myles Garret-led defense.  They  have tremendous talent in the secondary, but may be forced to live off that defense.

..STEELERS..Life after Ben Roethlisberger will be hard, coupled with the fact they do not have a great offensive line.  How long before they officially start the rebuild by letting QB-Ken Pickett play.  The defense will keep them in games, but the defense cannot play 60-minutes a game.

..COLTS..Matt Ryan arrives and will give them big play capabilities down the field…they are gifted everywhere on offense and so thought on defense.  Their year to win, but how deep can they go in the playoffs.

..TITANS…How much gas does RB-Derek Henry have left coming off the foot injury…Why would you trade AJ Brown?..Can you keep the OL healthy?  Will it be a bounceback year for QB-Ryan Tannehill.  As good as they have been, lots of issues in Nashville now.

..JAGUARS..This will take time to build around QB-Trevor Lawrence.  New Coach Doug Pederson will guide him, but they need players, lots of players…at least two more drafts of talent.  But then again Peyton Manning started (3-13)…Troy Aikman (1-15) to start and it worked out

..HOUSTON….Dreadful roster,young QB-Davis Mills..this is a long road back for once what was a good team.  Fans in Houston must feel betrayed.

..CHIEFS…Patrick Mahomes-Andy Reid is a dynamic combo…Would think loss of Tyreek Hill would change the offense, but they have found alot more speed at wide out and at running back…Some changes on defense and looming question are they fast enough on that side to be a force or will offense have to carry the team.  Maybe they get beat this year

..CHARGERS..Time to win.  Have spent 284M in contract upgrades and free agent signings.  Offense looks brilliant, another 1st round pick in the offensive line and a complete overhaul of the defense.  A fierce pass rush of Bosa-Khalil Mack will make the secondary better.  Could wind up in a tie with the Chiefs. Could win the division.  Super Bowl team?  I will believe it when I see it.

..BRONCOS…Russell Wilson gives them what they have not had since Peyton Manning, a guy who makes all the plays and does not throw bounce passes.  Good amount of young skill talent on offense.  Definitely need health of DE-Brad Chubb.  Interesting to see how new head coach, first timer Nathan Hackett, does on the job.
..RAIDERS..Josh McDaniels and Davante Adams join Derek Carr, Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs.  Looks good on paper till you look at a substandard offensive line and not enough talent on defense to help Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones.  Won’t be a bad season, but if Jon Gruden’s drafts had not been so bad, might have been a 1st place team.

..DALLAS…Big question might not be on the field, but rather if the head coach Mike McCarthy can survive, though Jerry Jones has a history of patience.  Really good team, led by Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, emerging receivers and as good an offensive line in the league.  Defense has finally gotten healthy, has speed and youth
..EAGLES..They are building and take another stop foward with the arrival of AJ Brown to catch Jalen Hurts passes, and massive Jordan Davis to join Fletcher Cox on the defensive front….Very good year likely.

..WASHINGTON..Carson Wentz is on his 3rd team in 3-years…Only time tells whether he succeeds or self destructs.  Just don’t think they have enough players and won’t have rehabbing DE-Chase Young for the start of the year. What a mish-mass roster this is.  What a mess of an organization.

..GIANTS..What a long road back for this team..Keeping QB-Daniel Jones and RB-Saquon Barkley healthy is key but they have so much work to do to fix a depleted roster.

..PACKERS…Aaron Rodgers won’t have Davante Adams, but they added 3-new wide outs, do bring back their top 2-power running  backs (Jones-Dillon), get LT-David Bakhtiari back and continue to build out a a rugged defense.  Will not be challenged in a weak division.

..VIKINGS…New coach Kevin O’Connell, veteran QB-Kirk Cousins, a passing offense not a running offense and a new approach to handling players than old task master Mike Zimmer.  Interesting year ahead.

..LIONS…Dan Campbell is making progress stockpiling players but this is the NFL and no one takes pity on a rebuilding team.  Jared Goff returns at QB and team has gotten more physical.  Just not enough firepower.

..BEARS..They have QB-Justin Fields but don’t seem to have enough around him….Really tore the roster apart in the off season.  This will be a long season and then winter arrives.

..TAMPA..Tom Brady, tons of firepower on offense, though there is no Gronkowski there.  Todd Bowles takes over as head coach but his influence as a smart defensive guy remains.  Another good season likely.

..SAINTS..Sean Payton has departed-it’s Denis Allen’s team…A healthy Jameis Winston, Mike Thomas, Alvin Kamara, means they will be dangerous on offense as long as Winston does not revert to turning the ball over, and the defense remains tough.

..CAROLINA….Baker Mayfield, Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore.  That’s what they have, don’t think it is enough, but it’s a contract year for the QB.

..ATLANTA…How long before Desmond Ridder is the starting QB?  This will be a massive rebuild in the post-Matt Ryan era.

..RAMS…They replaced talent in the off season.  Goodbye Andrew Whitworth at LT…They lost Sebastian Day at DT…Dealt away Robert Woods and did not re-sign Odell Beckham, so a bunch of changing parts around QB-Matthew Stafford.  He seems to to have gotten thru the elbow issues.  They have a history of developing more good young players.  And Bobby Wagner joins Aaron Donald-Jalen Ramsey on defense.  They are champs till somebody takes it away from them.

..49ERS…It’s Trey Lance’s turn to get the job done and we see what he’s like under real fire this weekend.  They are such a frightful physical team but they have an enormous injury history issue.  Jimmy Garoppolo is staying as an insurance policy at QB.  Could be good, but who knows?

..AEIZONA…All the pieces are there for Kliff Kingsbury but they are haunted by these late season failures…QB-Kyler Murray shows all the signs of being the next Dak Prescott, but Arizona has to prove they can play 17-games in a season and be dominant.  Not having pass rusher Chandler Jones is an issue.

..SEAHAWKS…The Russell Wilson era is over and this looks like a massive rebuild for Pete Carroll.  Does he have the patience to do this?  He may need it.  They have receivers, but not a really scare-you QB.  The Legion of Doom defense is now a memory.  Who knows about a rebuilt offensive line.  Seahawks fans won’t have much to cheer about this year while in last place.  This will take time.



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