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Hacksaw’s NFL Preview

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“NFL–Pick Em Pal”

Everyone has an opinion about who is going to win and why in the NFL.  Here are my Divisional Races picks on the opening weekend of the season:


..BILLS..Been knocking at the door for a couple of years-time to make the Super Bowl..Josh Allen..Stefon Diggs-need him to be healthy…upgrade running game toughness..fierce pass rush..really good -complete team
..MIAMI..Can they keep Tua healthy..faster tempo offense..3-dynamic WRs led by Tyreek Hill-Jaylen Waddle..do they have enough quality RBs..will defense hold up?
..JETS…Aaron Rodgers team..New group of WRs..Ezekiel Elliott joins run team..Key-can OL stay healthy to protect Rodgers…Defense is rugged
..PATRIOTS..Hard to say last place team…Wonder if Bill Belichick could be in trouble…Is (24-25) post Tom Brady..Watch how fast relationship between Off Coor-Bill O’Brien and Mac Jones develop..Added veteran WRs..Love young CBs they have drafted..Year of question marks up there.


..RAVENS win toughest division in NFL..Lamar Jackson-healthy..what is different will be addition of big play WR’s Odell Beckham-Nelson Agholar to go with 3-young pass catchers…Defense will be solid..Very good team-different team
..BENGALS..Can they keep Joe Burrow standing upright…Added OT-Orlando Brown to protect him-but is rest of line solid?..Need big year RB-Joe Mixon to take workload off passing game…Do they have enough defense?
..STEELERS..They are not sexy…they slug you and they win under Mike Tomlin….Will they have explosiveness on offense or be a ground oriented team..can they keep defensive stars healthy?
..BROWNS…Kevin Stefanski on hot seat if this is not a good season…Deshaun Watson has had full off season on offense…Nick Chubb-Amari Cooper really good…Defense is fast-furious but secondary injury prone…Better not be last place team.

..JAGUARS…Weakest division so Trevor Lawrence should pile up numbers…addition of WR-Calvin Ridley helps..loss of LT-Cam Robinson-suspension hurts…Defense really rugged
..HOUSTON..DeMeco Ryans brings credentials..front office brought in 24-young veteran free agents to wrap around QB-CJ Stroud…Might be better anyone realizes
..TITANS…Got to stay healthy, but new addition WR-DeAndre Hopkins teams with Ryan Tannehill and RB-Derek Henry-they should be tough…Unsung very good defensive front seven and Mike Vrabel factor as head coach counts for alot
..COLTS..Awful year coming…Young QB-Anthony Richardson and very young team equals big issues..No RB-Jon Taylor to start…wafer thin wideout..unknown OL…no one knows if LB-Shaq Leonard can be what he used to be..Fear disastrous on job training for AR-15 at quarterback

..CHIEFS..Andy Reid keeps changing players and they remain superior team..Patrick Mahomes is (64-16) as a starter…multiple rings…192-TD-49 interceptions..with so many new parts…DT-Chris Jones will get his money going forward..TE-Travis Kelce will get healthy..new LT-RT and fast-young-improving defense.  Till someone takes them out-they are still king.
..CHARGERS…Must win this year because major problems with salary cap next year..like 80M over cap effective next year…On paper-lots firepower..may be equal to Phillip Rivers-LT-Gates years…OL built with hi picks and young studs..burning question..enough run stoppers…can they hold up with as many young players in secondary..really need CB-JC Jackson to do what he did in New England….back end of schedule is really tough…Justin Herbert on brink of being next superstar
..RAIDERS..They keep changing parts..so who knows if they finally hit on the yearly turnover of new players…Jim Garoppolo strong won-loss record-managing games but can they keep him on the field and upright?…Josh Jacobs-Davante Adams need dominant years…Who knows about revolving door OL…Do they have enough with run defense…Like upgrade in secondary..but who knows
..BRONCOS…Yes Sean Payton fixes Russell Wilson..but he can’t fix all the injuries that decimated WR group…OL is nicked up…No one knows what young RB-Javante Williams will be like coming off knee surgery…Defense will be solid..Do they have enough around their QB?
..EAGLES..Super Bowl team returns intact…a year of learning for star QB-Jalen Hurts and now you add more to defensive studs on defense…They could be back in Super Bowl again.
..COWBOYS…Dak Prescott making plays that Mike McCarthy calls for him…Do they have enough a run game to take pressure off QB…Brendon Cooks comes in to help young WR group…OL gets healthy…Where is Micah Parsons lining up…Really good defense.
..GIANTS…Is Daniel Jones this good coming off last year’s pretty interesting season..Weird no-name group receivers…Saquon Barkley headed to contract year at RB…Defense is really rugged and young…QB makes the difference this year like he surprised people last year.
..WASHINGTON…They will lean of massive defensive front seven to carry team till they sort out if Sam Howell is right QB…Don’t know if they have enough parts around the quarterback
..LIONS..Been building towards a good season…can they live up to the hype?…Earned alot of respect how hard they played…QB-Jared Goff career saved by trade to Detroit..Manages games-can win games..no name wide out group…Lots of gritty draft picks on offense…Defense got Aiden Hutchinson then Jack Campbell in back to back drafts…Could be good..but not enough firepower to be great
..PACKERS…Life after Aaron Rodgers begins..Jordan Love does not have alot of big time skill WRs either..but does have Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon…worry about injury history OL-DL…This may be a disappointing season.
..VIKINGS…Kirk Cousins final year of contract…Kevin O’Connell 2nd year as head coach and Justin Jefferson as star WR…but not much after that…Strip mined alot of veterans off defense..not sure enough players
..BEARS…Slow rebuild..now Justin Fields has DJ Moore to throw too…Defense played really hard last year-just not enough players on that roster
..SAINTS…Derek Carr takes over, wrapped around Michael Thomas-Chris Olave-Alvin Kamara..young OL…Pretty good defense Dennis Allen has created..could really be big play team in division
..TAMPA BAY..Baker Mayfield has speed to throw to, Mike Evans, Russ Gage, Chris Godwin…but no run game to speak of…Is defense on last legs…if they do’t win this year, is Kyle Trask QB of future..does Todd Bowles survive as head coach?
..FALCONS…Desmond Ridder starts this season after saying goodbye to Matt Ryan..They have rookie RB-Bijan Robinson..TE-Kyle Pitts..WR-Drake London and a bright guy in coach Arthur Smith..Built defense first-so we see if there is enough offense
..CAROLINA..Frank Reich has QB-Bryce Young but not much firepower with him..they dealt away Chris McCaffrey and DJ Moore-don’t think they have much left for new QB.

49ers…They will maul you on offense..mug you on defense…Does Brock Purdy-coming off elbow surgery holdup…What a group with him, McCaffrey…George Kittle..Deebo Samuel..3-wide outs and a defense that plays like its a street fight.
SEAHAWKS…Was that the real Geno Smith, who put up great numbers last year..Now they add another wide receiver to already deep group..have Kenneth  Walker as part of power back, look to have rebuilt Legion of Boom secondary and bring Bobby Wagner back at LB…Pete Carroll team going to be a force.
RAMS…Name me anyone on roster aside from Matthew Stafford..Aaron Donald..Cooper Krupp…could be long-long (4-13) season…Spent all their assets to win Super Bowl two years ago..now credit card bills coming due…Does Sean McVay survive the trauma of rebuild.
CARDINALS…Got rid of GM-Coach-bunch of players on roster..don’t have Kyler Murray to start the season at QB..good group of players are playing somewhere else..Mike Bidwell’s ownership style has to come in question.
Game day baby…enjoy the first week of the season.

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