1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL Questions-I Have Them-You Have Answers”

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“Questions Been Meaning to Ask”

Heading towards another Great Sports Weekend.

Have alot of questions I’d like to throw in your direction.
any of you willing to respond?

Reach me at hacksaw 5555@gmail.com

CHARGERS….Trying for 11th win of the season…Have beaten just 1-team with winning record.  Are they legitimate Super Bowl Contenders?

BRONCOS-ARIZONA-RAIDERS-TEXANS…Which is the worst run team in NFL?

RAIDERS…Years and maybe a decade of of lousy play.  Don’t care they are in a new market or new stadium.  So who do you blame for this mess?  Derek Carr (60-89) as a starter?  Josh McDaniels-Jon Gruden coaching over years?  Mark Davis ownership?

RAMS…Do you think a (5-11) season drives Sean McVay out of coaching to a TV job?  Would he quit on his team?

MIAMI…Playoff hopes on the brink of ending.  They paid quite a price to get access to QB-Tua Tagovailoa.  Now we are looking at his history of injuries dating all the way back to Alabama.  Is he fragile?

PATRIOTS…Bill Belichick is now (24-25) since Tom Brady exited.  do you think owner Bob Kraft will ever hold him accountable for what the franchise has become post-Brady?

MINNESOTA…Vikings with a (12-win) season…all those games.  Lucky or good job by Coach Kevin McConnell driving his team win all these 1-TD games.

DENVER…Awful season for Russell Wilson.  Is it him, bad coaching, or badly hurt roster around him?

JETS-WASHINGTON…Biggest QB letdown, Zach Wilson or Carson Wentz?

I got questions.  Looking for your answers
There you have it.  Your turn to respond.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL Questions-I Have Them-You Have Answers””

  1. Chris says:

    You ask, which is the worst run team. On the field, it is clear that Mark Davis is the ignorant fool that everyone mocked inside the organization while his father was alive. But, the NFL is an entertainment business, wins and losses don’t actually matter. Mark has the Raiders now ranked #9 in net worth in the NFL. That beats the cards, Texans, and Bolts. With the PSLs, the stadium is sold out for years. As for coaching Snyder and Gooodell owe Mark, hopefully Gruden gets last laugh.

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