1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday. “NFL–State of the Union Address-at-Super Bowl”

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“Super Bowl–State of NFL Address”


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is thankful…thankful his league got thru the entire schedule without having to cancel any games.

The scoreboard reads “NFL 1-Covid Virus 0”..as the Chiefs meet Tampa Bay on Sunday in the Super Bowl.

Goodell was open-honest-humbled and thankful answering questions.
Goodell’s quotes:

..The NFL brand is strong..we got stronger thru adversity we had
..This was an extraordinary-collective effort to play (256) games.
..We wanted to ‘Avoid the Asterisk’ and finish the season
..This season took a toll on all of us
..So much uncertainty made our decisions tough
..The safest place to be was in an NFL facility
..We learned from each crisis..Tennessee-Baltimore-Cleveland
..We were testing 7500 people-players-coaches-staff daily
..We viewed safety first over competition
..I hope the vaccine will be part of our 2021-season
..Don’t know what normal life will be like again or when it will be normal
..Relationship with the union has never been stronger
..Safety-Science drives everything we do
..Virtual learning will be part of everything in NFL in the future
..We played at an extraordinary level this year
..Best days of NFL are ahead of us
..This is best example of business leaders working together

..Coaching hires-not where we want it to be  after this cycle
..We will talk about delaying hires-interviews till after the Super Bowl
..Diversity is more than head coaches
..We had 3-minority coaches hired..3-GM minorities hire…12-coordinators
..We will spend offseason looking at OTAs-Minicamps-Training camps
..We have agreed to go to 17-game schedule
..A federal court oversees the Concussion settlement-not NFL
..We want to play International games in UK-Mexico this summer
..We must work out foreign stadium protocols for safety

..Tom Brady is the greatest player of all time..player rise when he plays
..Rams Stadium in Los Angeles is remarkable

The NFL did what no one else could, play an entire season.
They play Super Bowl Sunday in what will be a spectacular matchup.
Maybe not as spectacular as what Goodell..the doctors..the owners accomplished.


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