1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “NFL SUNDAY–DO NOT MISS IT”

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“NFL Matchups”

Some of the best play the best this weekend in the NFL.  Some of the others have the weekend off to try and fix the rash of upset losses the last couple of Sundays.

CHARGERS-JETS…Hard to believe Bfandon Staley’s team has a worse record than the Jets who don’t have QB-Aaron Rodgers.  Justin Herbert faces a big challenge against a good pass rush.  Who knows what Jets QB-Zach Wilson does against a strong Bolt pass rush.  We do know he has been sacked 23-times already.

MIAMI-CHIEFS…You like offense, everyone does, then don’t miss this one.  Tua vs Mahomes.  Tyreek Hill against his old team.  Enormous down the field strikes and neither defense is dominant.  The Chiefs are #4 in offense, and #4 on defense.  Miami leads the world in offense ranked #1 (453YPG).  The only blemish on KC’s offense (351YPG) is the fact KC has turned it over 16-times in 7-weeks.

RAVENS-SEATTLE…Lamar Jackson is having a superb dual season-run and throw.  Baltimore is averaging (350YPG).  Lost in all the talk about Baltimore is a cement tough defense, #2 in the NFL, with 31-sacks and 15-takeaways.  Don’t know how the Seahawks-Geno Smith will cope with that.

COWBOYS-EAGLES…Throwback old NFC-East war.  Dak Prescott is hot, so is WR-Cee Dee Lamb.  Jalen Hurts has been dynamic run-and-throw, but the Dallas defense is fast and furious (287YPG) with quarterbacks completing just 58% of their passes.  But Philly has 25-sacks going into this one so it won’t be an easy day either for Dak.  One of these QBs is going to crack and cough the ball up.

BILLS-BENGALS…Josh Allen, turnovers and all, is completing (71%) of his passes…has (2165Y) thru the air and has added (189Y) rushing.  Not sure the Bengals defense can cope with that.  Joe Burrow’s team has won 3-straight and they are coming together.

A good weekend ahead after some bad upsets the last couple of weeks.  But this should be a Sunday you don’t take your eyes off the TV set as we get to the midway point of the schedule


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