1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL-Washington-Bad Owner-Bad Person”

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Goodbye to a Bad Guy”


Ain’t America Great?

The NFL has had every type of owner over its 100-plus year run of being the greatest sport in America.

The legendary Rooney family in Pittsburgh.
The respected Mara family with the New York Giants
The benevolence of Art Modell in Cleveland
The brilliance of George Halas back in the day in Chicago.
The loyalty of Ralph Wilson to Buffalo
The visionary that was Lamar Hunt from the AFL in Kansas City to now.
The genius and generosity of Robert Kraft and the Patriots nation
The business bombast of Jerry Jones in Dallas
The winner and renegade of wars-Al Davis and the Raiders.
The greatness of Paul Brown in Cleveland-Cincinnati
The dedication of Eddie DeBartolo in San Francisco

Oh there have been some very bad owners too in NFL annals.

Robert Irsay’s move of the Colts in the middle of the night.
The greed of Georgia Frontiere of the Rams
The racist tendencies of the Redskins George Preston Marshall
The operating principles of Bill Bidwill from Chicago-to-St Louis-to Phoenix
The historical cheapness of Mike Brown-Cincinnati
The disloyalty-greed of the Spanos family in San Diego.

And now we have this, the forced sale of the Washington franchise, drowning in controversy, wrongdoing, investigations, lawsuits.

Now is the time to look at the valued owner Daniel Snyder, whose 24-year run of a once proud Redskins team, is about to end.

Somewhere between Point A and Point B is the likely NFL truth.  He was forced out, or he held out for the highest price, or he was about to be expelled by fellow owners and kicked out..

If you are keeping score at home, here are the highlites of Daniel Snyder’s reign of error-terror-mismanagement-disgrace .

The scoreboard reads 24-years of ownership, 2-playoff wins in 24-years, a composite record of (166-226-2).

Take the following and staple these facts to his personal resume:

I will never change the name Redskins
Lost corporate sponsors and changed name to Commanders
NFL investigation of toxic workplace culture
Congressional hearing into sexual harassment-intimidation
Witness intimidation
Private investigators harassing employees
Resignation of 5-Vice Presidents on his staff
Firing of team president Bruce Allen
Leaking of racist emails from Jon Gruden
Lawsuits from 40-cheerleaders over Voyeur Video
Lawsuit from 3-top minority owners of franchise over its operation
Lawsuit over failure to return season ticket money
Sued 125-season ticket holders who opted out of contract
Threatened to dig up dirt on fellow owners
10-Million dollar fine and 1-year suspension by NFL
Took stance ‘I don’t recall’ over 100 times in appearance before Congress
Refused Congressional subpoena
79-page Congressional report charging NFL-Whitewash of probe
230-Non Disclosure agreements with exiting employees
Charged fans to attend training camp
Took out alleged 55M-loan without NFL knowledge
Charged team for 10M annual salary
Raised ticket prices 39% in one year
Paid 1.6M-sexual misconduct lawsuit by team employee
Sold commemorative hats right after 9/11
Virginia-Maryland-District Columbia refused to negotiate new stadium

Traded for aging QB-Donovan McNabb
Drafted QB-Robert Griffin III
Drafted QB-Dwyane Haskins
Traded for QB-Carson Wentz
Gave 100M contract to Albert Haynesworth
Fired executives Charley Casserly-Vin Cerrato
Hired-Fired Marty Schottenheimer-Norv Turner-Mike Shanahan
Joe Gibbs quit as head coach
Hired-Fired Steve Spurrier-Jim Zorn-Terry Robiske-Jay Gruden

Legendary Redskins Hall of Famers refuse to attend ceremonies in Washington

Attach all that to his resume effective this weekend.

So we may be hours away from the end of the Daniel Snyder era of error.

Think about this, he bought the team for 800M in 1999…will sell it for 6B-dollars, an all time record.

A person of this ilk, leaves behind this wreckage, and profits immensely as he moves to London, England to start the UK-Snyder Investment group.

The facts do not lie about all the things he was involved in.  What does it say about him, personally and professionally?

Bad owner-bad person.  You tell me.

What does it say about the leadership of the NFL, that allowed all this to go on during the Paul Tagliabue-Roger Goodell era?

“Ain’t America Great’.





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  1. Arthur Uvaas says:

    The Anaheim Ducks need to replace head coach Dallas Eakins, immediately. (He should have been replaced after last season). The Ducks should hire DAN BYLSMA. He is the current head coach of the Seattle Kraken affiliate: Coachella Valley Firebirds of the American Hockey League. He was a former Ducks’ player. In 2009, he was behind the Pittsburgh Penguins’ bench when that team won the Stanley Cup.

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