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“NFL Teams–The Stats–Good & Bad”


The NFL is marching towards the mid-way part of the season, a strange season in a strange year of our life.

A 2020 season beset by terrible injuries (Dak Prescott-Marlon Mack-Tyrod Taylor)…an emotional comeback (Alex Smith)l…new faces in new places (Tom Brady-Philip Rivers-Cam Newton) and already coaching firings (Bill O’Brien-Dan Quinn).

A look at some of the stats that tell stories about some of these NFL teams.

CHARGERS…Justin Herbert is the real-deal and he is the only one left standing in the wake of terrible injuries.  As of last Sunday night he was without 3-veteran starting offensive lineman, his top running back, his top receiver, both defensive ends, his top safety and cover corners.  Lucky for him, the easy part of the schedule is coming up next after the bye and a chance to maybe get back to the .500-mark.  What is there not to like about his stats (1,195P-11TD-3Int) and that includes TD bombs of 53-64-72-yards…and a 48%-conversion rate on 3rd down.  What hurts him, an offense averaging (390YPG) but a defense giving up (380YG) and all those blown leads this year.

RAIDERS…Derek Carr is playing mistake free football, just 1-pick this season.  His offense (399YPG) is making big chunk plays each weekend, led by WRs-Henry Rugg (29YPC)..Nelson Agholor (18Y)..Hunter Renfrow (14Y).  They need to continue to grow on defense.

CHIEFS…Lots of football to be played, and Patrick Mahomes and that offense will continue to scare you each Sunday, but his offensive line has issues and the defense is almost negating the greatness of the offense, giving up (382-YPG).  They could be alot less than (4-1)

COLTS…They have Philip Rivers and the #1-rated defense.  They also have his 5-interceptions as part of a (3-2) record.

TAMPA BAY…It is s different Tom Brady and the Bucs offense (1,210P) and 4-picks so far as they let it rip.  We don’t know how good they could have been but they have injuries in that WR-group.  But the defense is getting tougher and tougher.

SEATTLE…Bombs away with Russell Wilson.  Despite a horrid defense (471YPG) dead last in the league, Wilson is so dangerous (19TD-3Int) and his pass catchers, DK Metcalf (22YPC)..David Moore (17YPC) are killers.

GREEN BAY…Unbeaten and explosive, even with a siege of injuries at wide receiver.  Aaron Rodgers is triggering an offense (445YPG) and he is off on an MVP season (13TD-0Int-128-rating)

CLEVELAND…Everyone has been waiting for this to come together, and it seems to be happening now (386YPG).  Baker Mayfield is hitting passes everywhere, OJ Beckham (14YPC) and Jarvis Landry (13YPC) even with RB-Nick Chubb banged up.  Surprisingly, that defense is leaky (383YPG)

PATRIOTS…Life after Tom Brady is different, but New England is doing what needs to be done, controlling the ball running it (179YPG) and are ranked 8th in the league in offense, despite having just 5-passing TDs.  Jury is still out on true value of Cam Newton.

STEELERS…Ben Roethlisberger can beat you (10TD-1Int-70%) but so can that defense (20-sacks-7 takeaways).

ARIZONA…A year to grow up and they have with Kyler Murray at QB (395YPG)..but the defense is a struggle.

CAROLINA…Who could have imagined this?  No Cam Newton.  An injured Christian McCaffrey.  Now a 3-game win streak with journeyman Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback.

DALLAS…An awful start, now the devastating loss of QB-Dak Prescott, who led this team to (488YPG).  All that offset by a horrible start on defense (408YPG).  Veteran Andy Dalton will be asked to save the season.

CINCINNATI…Joe Burrow is playing his heart out, but not enough on the field around him.  But turnovers, hits and (22) quarterback sacks are piling up.

EAGLES….Injuries started this downward spiral and Carson Wentz cannot do this by himself (9-Intc)

WASHINGTON….A troubled offense (263YPG) cannot hold up because the defense (356YPG) is wrecking the season.  Which offensive stat bothers you the most (21-sacks..8-turnovers-78 QB rating).

49ers…Injuries started in camp continue into the season.  They’ve used 3-QBs in 5-weeks because of poor play and injuries.  Everything seems wrong, including (88QB rating..7-turnovers..18-sacks).

RAMS…Not getting alot of national pub yet, but look at the Aaron Donald-led defense (304YPG-20-sacks-6-takeaways).

JETS…Hard to say what will get Adam Gase fired as head coach, a pitiful offense, now without Sam Darnold-Le’Veon Bell or the defense (394YPG)

DETROIT…Matt Patricia made his bones with the Patriots as coordinator.  Not so good as head coach (405YPG) on defense.

GIANTS…Winless, just like the Jets, an offense with a young QB-Daniel Jones, an injured Saquon Barkley, and an offense that is anemic (282YPG).  You csnnot win with that.  The Jets-Giants could draft 1-2 this year.

The scoreboard does not lie at this point of the season.


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