1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Ohio State-Scarlet & Gray-Stained”

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“Scarlet & Gray-Stained”


They may be happy in Columbus this weekend because Urban Meyer still has his coaching job.

Around the country, he’s lost his credibility, and the Buckeyes are being mocked.

The aftermath of the 12-hour meeting, and then the Board of Trustees decision to suspend Meyer for just 3-games, for his so-called coverup of the domestic abuse scandals that spanned 9-years with his assistant coach Zach Smith, fired a month ago finally.

The reaction across the nation was harsh with the Ohio State decision.
..Meyer-kept his job-lost his respect
..OSU puts winning over integrity.
..Coverup worse than the crime
..More concerned over his text messages than a battered wife
..Memory loss-sure-forgetting right-vs-wrong

The report told a lot. The Trustees end decision didn’t go far enough considering all the information out there.

Meyer brought Zach Smith with him as an assistant from Florida. Smith had domestic anger incidents with his wife in Gainesville, yet was hired in Columbus.

The head coach forgot to inform Ohio State about what the assistant coach had gotten himself into while with the Gators.

Courtney Smith, the battered ex-wife, had confided in Meyer’s wife what was going on at their home over the years, and yet the head coach said he never had a conversation with his wife about what Smith’s wife had revealed.

Tired of reports that the assistant was involved with drugs, frequented strip bars, overspent his budget, was involved with pain killers and alcohol, and missed recruiting appointments, his life having gone off track, Meyer ordered him into drug rehab. Then the coach failed again to tell his AD what had befallen Smith.

Reports Smith had a sexual affair with a staff secretary. He had sexually explicit photos in his office. He had sex toys shipped into his Buckeye office. And yet he kept his job on Meyer’s staff.

For a coach who could cite you all the key plays when his Florida Gators played Alabama over the years, he had trouble remembering times-people-places-event when it came to the seedy things his tight end coach was involved in.

Meyer never apologized for what he knew-when he knew-what was happening to Courtney Smith. He would only say he was sad for ‘all in this situation’….the situation he allowed to go on and on.

And of course there is history in Meyer’s coaching background. Convicted murdered Aaron Hernandez, Patriots, ex Gators star, registered gang member now in prison. He played for and was left to run the streets by that head coach. Guess who recruited him, the since fired Smith. How’d all that work out?

And of course we find out now Meyer deleted years of text messages when the scandal just broke weeks ago. Then compounded all the wrong doing by lying, or not being fully truthful, at the Big 10-Media Days earlier this month as the story broke.

A critical media asks the question, how running back Todd Gurley could get a 4-game suspension for selling equipment at Georgia; how Terrell Pryor would get docked 5-games for selling autographs at OSU; how North Carolina players got 2-to-4 games for selling shoes….but Urban Meyer gets just 3-games for something much more serious in nature.

The score sheet reads his tight end coach choked his pregnant wife, hit her, threatened her, abused her, had police answer 9-different 911-calls just outside Columbus to their house, and the head coach let him keep his job.

And Meyer gets just 3-games suspension.

Urban Meyer may be (73-9) at Ohio State, but he comes off as a chronic liar, He comes off as an ultimate sleaze ball.-

He may still have his job. He no longer has much respect as a person, and you have to question his ability to lead the men he now recruits and coaches going forward.

Memory loss? No. Loss of credibility? Yes, for the coach and the university leadership.


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