1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “PADRES-DODGERS-OHTANI”

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A  turnaroud performance for the Padres, as they outslugged the Dodgers in the 2nd game in Korea (15-11).

it turned out to be a bullpen day..some good…some bad for both teams.

Dodgers big money rookie pitcher Yosh Yomamoto lasts one inning, throws 43-pitches in that ghastly first inning, gives up 5-runs, 4-hits, two extra base hits, 2-walks and a hit batsmen.

He did not have a strong spring and even worse first start.  They need patience with him.  He needs to find his confidence.



Dave Roberts better be concerned about his defense.  For every play Mookie Betts made at shortstop, Max Muncy failed to make plays at 3rd base.  He failed to get to 4-ground balls that aided San Diego rallies.



Everybody hit for the Friars.  Jake Cronenworth went (4-for-4) with 4-RBIs, maybe the best day in 3-years.  Now we see if this is a jumping off point to wash away 2-substandard years at the plate.  Manny Machasdo with a monster 3R-HR…Luis Campusano a couple of hits.  For one day the lineup looked dangerous.




Joe Musgrove seems a long ways off, and it must be viewed this is a ‘process’, his comeback from shoulder capsule problems.  He last just (2.2 inn)..touched up for runs-hits-bases on balls.  This a day after Yu Darvish struggled to located his pitchers.  Will take time for both.



Shohei Ohtani, what a stunning 24-hours.  Baseball celebrated the Japanese star on opening night, Korean and Japan fans did the same.  Overnight, all this damning evidence that led to the firing of his personal aide, for a gambling addiction.  And the mixed bag of stories of 1M being taken from Ohtani bank accounts to pay off the gaming debts of his personal aide.  MLB has now begun the probe.


Did Ohtani transfer the money.  Did his assistant get access to those accounts and steal the money.  No one is talking but this is a bad look for the so called ‘face of the franchise’. Thus the MLB probe underway.


Guess the only question, is Showtime stupid or naive?  Give personal access to your banking accounts to that guy?  Not think there was anything wrong to give your money to a gambling accountant to pay off debts?  How could he not consider what he was doing wrong?






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