1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Padres–Instant Replay”

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“Padres–Instant Replay”


Haven’t we seen this before?

The Padres limp home after a lousy 4-game series in Colorado, losing 3-of-4 to the anemic Rockies, playing poor fundamental baseball, and running out of momentum.

It happened last year, and it’s happening again, a bit earlier in this season.

You haven’t forgotten last year’s inglorius finish, going (12-36) over the final month and a half, and wiping out playoff hopes and all the good will they created during the Swag Chain Summer.

And now we are witnessing the garbage again, though earlier in the schedule.

Enough with the conversation ‘plenty of games to be played’.  Nothing changes till they make changes on their roster.

Last year it was the siege of injuries that wiped out the starting rotation and brought us some wretched end of season pitching by the Jake Arrieta-Vince Velasquez arrival.

That brought on burnout in the bullpen, that had done so well till the gas tank ran dry.

This year, the siege of injuries decimated the lineup around MVP candidate Manny Machado, then he went down.

And now the bullpen is leaking oil everywhere.

It’s a mess and it won’t get any better till they get healthy, and even that is not a guarantee, for we don’t know if Fernando Tatis can stay healthy.  Don’t know if Wil Myers will give us a (.290) second half, or breakdown again with this knee issue.

Don’t know if Eric Hosmer will get hot again and actually play like a 20M a year guy with bat and glove.

Look at the roster, ao many utility players, and how many young rookies who should be in AA-AAA, not struggling in the NL-West.

Thank the almighty, the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks are back in town to take a beating to give the Friars a few wins before the All Star break.

But do look at the 2nd half of the season.  The Dodgers 12-more times.  A pile of games vs the Giants, the improved Cleveland Guardians, the big bat Cardinals.

Tired of hearing all the praises of what the front office has done.

AJ Preller’s team, his roster, is (22-23) so far against teams with winning records, and they have a bunch of those games to be played before the end of the season.  And his team has lost 18-games already to bottom feeder teams.

Oh and 1-more thing, as the sun comes up on a Friday morning.  Look at the standings, and how many teams have pulled within a fly ball of the Padres in what will be battles for the wildcard playoff spots.

Not the same team we had hoped could win 90-games.  Not a complete team.  Not a healthy team.  Not a team without roster problems. Not a team with any payroll space either to fix things.

So many flaws could lead to another season of failure.

Padres, an instant replay of last season.  Hope it doesn’t get worse.

But at least we know NFL training camps are about to open, if the Padres keep going backward in the next few weeks.

I hate rerun movies, instant replays, and what we are experiencing now.


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