1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Pele-King of Soccer”

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Long Live the King”


How do you describe his skill…his legacy…the meaning of his life..?

It was 50-years ago he came on the scene as a 17-year old starting in his first ever World Cup.

He raised the trophy of World Cup victory three times in a 12-year span.

He was a super star…a hero…a global ambassador.

He bypassed the wealth of playing abroad to stay home, loyal to the country he grew from abject poverty to superstar global status.

Pele was so much to so many, much more than just soccer.

He did what no one else had ever done in the sport, dazzle, dribble, drive home shots.

He played in 4-World Cups spanning 16-years.

He became an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

He raised money for hunger, knowing where he came from.

He became a global politician, intervening in Civil Wars in foreign countries.

He became a marketing genius too.

His career shows 650-goals globally.
He scored 95-goals in World Cup play
He potted 35-goals in the NASL joining the New York Cosmos at age 35

Even as he faced death from cancer, he did a Zoom statement to players in Qatar at this year’s World Cup.

The outpouring was amazing.

Joe Biden..’His life shows what is possible’
Barack Obama..’He understood the power of sport’
French President Macron..’King for eternity’
Ky Mbappe..’Legacy never forgotten’
Brazil President…’Raised awareness of Brazil-wherever he went’
Ronaldo…”Never be another like him’
FIFA..’Long live this king’

His body will lie in state at Stadia-Santos his hometown
There will be citywide funeral procession to the cemetery

Pele was responsible for making soccer ‘The beautiful game’.




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