1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “PGA-Lefty is Not Right”

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“Things Not Right With Lefty”


Phil Mickelson wants to play golf again.

Maybe on the PGA Tour, definitely in the Saudi Super League.

He has been absent on the tour since the Farmer’s Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in late January..

His career has been on a downhill skid for  the last year or so, despite wins on the Champions Tour (Senior) and the marvelous PGA Championship victory last spring.

But there have been last place finishes, missed cuts, and some horrific rounds, and then his disappearance from golf.

All this wrapped around his diatribe against the PGA Tour, his dalliance with the Saudi Super League, his condemnation and slurs about the government there.

And now this slice of darkness into his life and career.

The revelation, in his soon to be released biography, that Mickelson had 40-million in gambling debts over a 5-year span.  All that unveiled during a federal probe of ‘InsiderTrading’ by his longtime friend, convicted felon Billy Walters.

Mickelson was facing federal charges for making 987,000 in one week in a case that became insider trading  violations according to the SEC.

He repaid the money within one day when the story broke, many stunned he avoided prison time.

Now the dark side of Mickelson’s life has reappeared.

One wondered about the way he exited the tour.  Was he suspended for his condemnation of the Tour’s leadership?

His outburst led you to fear he had problems with alcohol, or depression, for it was so out of character for the fan’s man on the tour.

You worried that his wife had become ill again, a decade after a cancer battle.

We find out not only about the gambling debts, for a guy who frequented Vegas alot, but now we find out that he asked for a 30M-advance  from the Saudi Super League in return for him playing in all 8-events this spring and summer in the breakaway tour.

Mickelson has remained silent during this mess.  He has yet to meet in a clear the air session with the PGA leadership.  He was not part of the Masters dinner, and did not play at Augusta.

Most golfers have remained silent, with no public support, a very different tactic considering how many stepped up during Tiger Woods’ problems.

Is there a truthful revelation coming from Mickelson?
How deep rooted is this gambling addiction?

Will this stain him going forward, much like Tiger Woods ugly transgressions with mistresses, painkiller pills, auto accidents, an ugly divorce and the like?

Somewhere soon, I hope there is an honest accounting from Mickelson  about what he is dealing with, and how he is coping to solve what has sidetracked his reputation, career and personal life.

So beloved by the fans, I hope this does not wind up being a tragedy from which he cannot recover.

He has been beloved for so long, and was golf’s shining light during Tiger Wood’s darkest hour transgressions.

For the first time in his life, all is not right with Lefty.


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