1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Sports-Here-There-Everywhere”

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“Here There Everywhere”


WORLD SERIES….Just wondering if MLB made a serious mistake trying to jam so many playoff games into the calendar without any off days.  I think they wrecked pitching staffs with 3-games in 3-days…5-in-5…and then 7-in-7 leading up to the Fall Classic. Look what happened to the Padres, Braves and nearly the Dodgers, having to create so many bullpen days, at the most important time of the season, the post-season because there were no off days.

PADRES…Poor decisions by Luis Campusano, busted on felony drug possession and distribution charges in Georgia last weekend.  Hot prospect, about to make the big team, which means big money contract, and he wants to do weed with friends.  As stupid as Tommy Pham getting stabbed outside a strip bar right after the San Diego season ends.

NFL…Nice crisis the Raiders created for the league.  This latest Covid outbreak after the starting offensive line broke protocols multiple times.  Not wearing masks in the facility.  Tossing away their tracing mechanism.  Going to a gathering with no masks or social distancing.  This on a ream already fined three times by the league office.

RICH AND FAMOUS….The Covid outbreak at Alabama, with Nick Saban, shows the difference between the rich and poor in college football.  Saban gets a positive test and leaves the team.  They do a followup test, but because it would take too much time to get another result, they borrow a lear jet from a booster, fly the test to Mobile to a clinic, get a result, and then let Saban coach without sitting out the quarantine days.

AZTECS…A season opener in what could be an undefeated season with the return of Brady Hoke as head coach.  Talent loaded roster.  Better crop of athletes.  Downgraded schedule.  Rocky Long went (81-38).  Hoke should win this year with Long’s recruits.  Too bad the home games are in Carson, and no fans….Projecting (7-0) conference record and likely ranking inside top 25.

HOLIDAY BOWL….Such a special event, so sad to see it cancelled for one year, but the Bowl could not operate without fans in the stands, and that source of revenue.  The payout to the Pac 12-ACC teams, plus the cost of operation of putting on the game would have dwarfed the rights fee they would have gotten from Fox TV.  The Bowl could not afford to go 7M in debt to put the game on.

NBA…So Tyronn Lue takes over as Clippers head coach, amid allegations players stopped listening to Coach Doc Rivers, as the team fell apart one inside the bubble in Orlando.  Insinuations that Rivers let Kawhi Leonard show up late for practice and meetings.  Lue will have to work hard not to have players walk all over him next year, after these same players cost this team a chance to go to the NBA finals.

COLLEGE HOOPS…Hold your breath with San Diego State getting medical clearance to put 6’10-Nathan Mensah back on the floor after missing last year with a blood clot issue.  Medications, including blood thinners, have helped him heal.  Now the goal, not to have any type of relapse.

UCSD…Waiting to see how this move to Division 1-works out for the Tritons, as they embark on play in the Big West Conference.  But they have yet to be given permission for full practices, and don’t have a non-conference schedule yet.  The season is supposed to start November 25th.

HOCKEY HOT LINE…The Gulls, the very successful AHL-affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks are hoping to get back on the ice in December, when the league starts.  But now the AHL says because of the renewed virus outbreaks nationwide, they may not start up in December, and might have to postpone their winter launch.  The NHL says it wants to go in January.  Real fear, no minor league hockey at all, anywhere.  Baseball cancelled its minor league seasons.




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