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That was some day we lived thru, in society in sports.  Here’s what I think.

DEMOCRACY 1-TRUMP 0…Guilty on all charges.  All the lies, smears came to the forefront that led to Donald Trump’s guilty verdict.

PADRES…They are battered now with Yu Darvish dealing with the hamstring issues.  Between Darvish-Joe Musgrove, they have had 4-different injuries and it’s not June 1st yet.  Troubles going forward.

PATHOLOGICALLY IMMORAL…That’s how I view Trump.  He hired a hit man who was a liar.  All the people around him have been convicted of crimes, some in jail now, others headed there.  What goes around, comes around.

DODGERS…They are in 1st place despite having 12-players on the disabled list, most of them pitchers.  Don’t know how anyone in the NL West can keep up pace.

JANUARY 6TH PATRIOTS…Some 256 of them are in jail for what they did at the Capitol and more trials and verdicts and sentences are coming.  Trump led them to instigating the riots.  Is he helping them now?  How did those decisions work out?

ANGELS..Force feeding alot of young kids, but not enough veterans in the lineup around them and a wafer-thin pitching staff.  This is going to be a long season.  A horrific (7-20) home record so far, and might break the all time worst home record set in 1939 by the lowly St Louis Browns team.

LIAR-LIAR…Trump was going to testify-yeah right.  Go on the stand and perjure himself about the payoffs, the steamy relationship he denied with Stormy Daniels and so much more.  All bluster-no substance, and no honesty.

NFL-VS-UNION…Roger Goodell is pushing for the 18-game schedule, and more increased revenue.  So the Union goes public and says there will be changes coming.  They want full salary roster increases; they want the elimination of all off season OTA on field workouts, and that is only the beginning.  This becomes about money but it is really about players health-which I doubt the NFL cares about.

TRUMP’S SUPREME COURT…Once a bastion of credibility, is now a political tool, and has lost its soul.  Waiting for the immunity decision request, something I don’t think they can rule on-some created issue by a disgraced President.  They rule on the law and the constitution, or at least used too.

DALLAS-BOSTON…Now this will be an NBA finals series to watch.  Firepower, depth, defense, shooters.  Cannot wait to see the matchups coming up.

THE PRESIDENT’S WIFE…Hi honey, how did your day go?  The fact Trump’s wife has been MIA for months, including the trial speaks volumes.  Guess we know why she is still married to him, just for the paydays.  Think she will visit him in prison if he gets sentenced?

NHL HOCKEY RECORDS…TV ratings thru the roof, because all the games are on TV, not to mention the hi scoring offenses, phenomenal goaltending and the hitting.  Think the NHL would love to have the Rangers face the Oilers in the finals.  Not sure that will happen now.

COURT CASES…Well we have 3-more Trump court cases to watch.  The mess in Georgia and the sleazy election fraud tampering case; then the documents case  with the ‘bag lady judge’ on Trump’s payroll in Florida; and the New York money case-big time fraud.  Keeping score at home, let me know how it all comes out

Quite a week to deal with all this.

You have opinions-I have opinions, and I am expressing mine-agree or disagree.


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