1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Sports–Trouble Everywhere”

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“This-That-The Other”


BASEBALL….This wears you out…the negotiations…the bickering…the name calling…the on-going tit-for-tat between a besieged Rob Manfred and a lack of trustworthy Tony Clark.  The Union continues on a track to squeeze blood out of the rock, trying to take every penny they can.  The latest now is trying to jam 70-games into a 72-day calendar, a schedule that would encompass alot of doubleheaders on Sunday, just for more pay-days.  When it appeared they had the framework of a deal for 60-games, with full pay for the players, Clark keeps coming back for more.  By the way, is he not putting players at health risk with so many games in such a short time?

PHRASES….My reactions to what I hear-read-see…my questions?

..Union-trying to play ball or just win the negotiations?

..Season of gimmicks or money-grabs?

..Owners-trying to save money or save the season?

..Union-trying to save face by not giving up anything?

..Players greed while trying be on moral high ground-society in gutter?

..Deal good for management-but bad for players?

..Union-Owners tearing each other down-like rioters burning down businesses?


NFL…HBO announces Chargers-Rams will co-share Hard Knocks feature this training camp….Cannot wait to see if they feature Bolts owner Dean Spanos and his CEO-son AG to talk about how they are winning the fight for LA or how they screwed San Diego.  Here come the Rams with Sean McVay, Jared Goff, Aaron Donald and more.  The pictures of the Rams So-Fi Stadium will be fun to see.  Wonder if they will mention the miserable failure of Team Spanos to sell PSLs in the new yard?  The Bolts have Tyrod Taylor-Joey Bosa to offer in interviews.  Bet all football-all the time guys like Tom Telesco and Anthony Lynn are happy about this intrusion.  Rams will sell tickets.  Chargers will look like losers again.

NFL CRISIS….So who are you going to believe about teams opening NFL training camps in 4-weeks, Roger Goodell or Dr. Anthony Fauci?  Keeping score at home, The Texas Longhorns have 27-players test positive, go to quarantine or show anti-bodies after two weeks of conditioning drills.  There will be 4,500 players, coaches and staffs, to be tested daily when the NFL opens camps. I don’t like the optics of this return to football formula.


LAKERS…For someone who has made so much money and done so little with his career, do not understand why Dwight Howard carries so much weight in the conversation about whether the NBA is right or wrong in starting up the playoffs in the midst of so much civic unrest.  If Howard wants to sit out and protest-fine.  Too many people have worked too hard to put this plan back into place.


AZTECS…What should be a shining moment in San Diego State history, the purchase of the SDCCU land and the plans to go ahead to build a new football stadium, forever lost by the pandemic-civil unrest-unemployment crisis.


NASCAR….Lost in the crush of all these Cup races on Wednesday and Sundays, is the strong final season of Jimmie Johnson, running upfront in a bunch of races, and finishing inside the top 10-multiple times.  In his farewell season, he likely will break this 110-race win drought before we get to the end of the season.


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