1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Sports World-Wild Week”

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“Sports Stories & Flashpoints”


Interesting week we have had.

GOLF….A ceasefire to end the Civil War between the PGA and the LIV.  It creates a Global Golf League, led by the PGA with alot of funding from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.  The players may have been steamed they were bypassed in the negotiations, but there will be alot of money to be made by everyone and the tours will profit.  Even if it is funded with Blood Money.

SOCCER…What a day with Lionel Messi, saying ‘No’ to a 368M-annual offer to go to Saudi Arabia.  And then he said no to his former club FC-Barcelona.  He lands with MLS-Inter Miami, David Beckham’s team, on a uniquely funded contract with Apple and Adidas.  Wonder if it takes MLS Soccer to another level.

TENNIS…A changing of the guard at the French Open.  Nadal is gone.  Federer is retired.  Serena has gone into motherhood.  Outside of Novak Djokovic, the next generation led by Alcaraz and Swiatek are moving into the trophy room.

BASEBALL…What a staggering first third of the season when it comes to storylines.  The Padres struggles.  The Dodgers injuries.  The surprise starts of the Orioles-Pirates.  The mess the Mets and Yankees are.  The disgrace the Athletics ownership created.  But the biggest story, has to be 1st place Tampa Bay, small market Tampa Bay, underfunded low budget Tampa Bay.  You know the Rays with a (47-19) record.

BASKETBALL…The Joker and his guys are grinding towards the NBA crown, Nikola Jokic and his Denver Nuggets.  Next up, which superstar moves next, is it LeBron James or Kyrie Irving or Chris Paul or James Harden.  June into July is always a fascinating time on the NBA calendar.

HOCKEY…Could never have imagined who got to the Stanley Cup finals, expansion teams and the Sunbelt, Las Vegas and Florida.  Not the Bruins, nor Oilers, or the Leafs.

AUTO RACING…Formula 1 is on the burst of popularity even if 1-team, Team Red Bull with Max Verstappen, has won every race this year.  NASCAR has become a Sunday demolition derby weekly-so much ill will.  Indy car has so many international drivers you wonder where the American stars have gone?



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