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Hacksaw’s Super Bowl Preview’
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Big game Sunday is coming.
Great coaches
Amazing coordinators
Red Hot quarterbacks
Tremendous skill talent
Fierce pass rushers
Athletes everywhere.

So many storylines to pay attention too.
Here are topics you might want to consider with the stats I will give you.

Andy Reid has a history of winning post season games. He has a history of unveiling formations people never saw before, ambushing defenses.  He is a mad scientist.  There is lots of sizzle.

Kyle Shanahan plays sledgehammer football, offense and defense.

Patrick Mahomes has been there and succeeded in post season play.  Brock Purdy has little experience at this level and has struggled this post season.

The skill guys are superb whether it’s Travis Kelce or the dynamics of Deebo Samuel-Brandon Aiyuk, there are big plays out there.

Christian McCaffrey can do everything, is a game breaker if he gets to the second level, and just beats you up.  The Chiefs cannot match that.

Chris Jones and a very athletic defense have had a superb, highly ranked season for Kansas City.  As rugged as the San Francisco defense is, you have to be concerned about how poorly they have played in their postseason games this year, giving up chunk plays, and touchdowns, digging holes they were lucky to climb out of.

Harrison Butker has been so good for so long and is trustworthy in pressure packed games.  Jake Moody is young, and has been erratic and you wonder if this stage on Sunday, is too big for him.

Who wins:  Chiefs 31-29.

49ers-Chiefs…San Francisco is 2-and-half point favorite
..SF won 9-of-last 10-games
..Chiefs went (3-3) at end of year..but won key games at Buffalo-Baltimore
..Andy Reid (25-16) in career in playoffs
..Kyle Shanahan (8-3) in playoff games

..Patrick Mahomes (14-3) in playoffs..(39TD-7Int) in career
..Mahomes (78-19) career record
..Mahomes (3-0) vs 49ers in career (9TD-3Int) 106QBR
..Mahomes (4,981Y-33TD) this year..(106-QBR)
..Brock Purdy (24-5) career..(4-1) playoffs (5TD-1Int)
..Purdy (4799P-33TD) this year..(111-QBR)

..Travis Kelce (116R-13TD)
..George Kittle (69R-7TD)

..Rayshee Rice (99$-12TD)
..Deebo Samuel (70R-12TD)..Brandon Aiyuk (81R-8TD)

..Christian McCaffrey (2275APY)-25TD

..Harrison Butker (40-42)FG
..Jake Moody (24-30) FG…7-missed kicks

..Chiefs offense-playoffs (363YPG)..Mahomes (100QBR)
..Chiefs defense-playoffs (6-sacks–3 takeaways)

..Niners defense-playoffs (386YPG)..allow 52%-3rd downs..2-sacks-5 tkaways
..Brock Purdy (87QBR) playoffs


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