1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “That’s What an NBA Champion Looks Like”

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“That’s What an NBA Champion Looks Like”


So what defines the NBA-Champion Golden State Warriors.  Star player or collection of talent that shines in a galaxy?

Without question, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of modern day NBA basketball.  But his game is more than just the abundance of 3-point baskets, any time or any place.

Curry reeled off 33 on Thursday night as the Warriors won the ring, burying Boston on their own floor.

But it was Curry hitting bombs, driving to the basket to score, and grinding on defense, something he had hardly done before.  Complete players now.

Golden State got beat by 55-points in one playoff game early in the postseason.

They fought thru so many injuries to everyone of their star players, and they had a championship season with no contributions from their last two first round picks, Jon Kuminga and James Wiseman, guys who were supposed to be cornerstones.

But they would never cave in, regardless of the bad situations they were.  They lost at home in the first game, but roared back to win twice in Boston to change the chemistry of the series.

Klay Thompson, the other half of the ‘Splash Brothers’ has fought back from major injuries too, even if he is half the player he used to be.

Andrew Wiggins, a bust in Minnesota, has grown up as a player, a complete player, highlited by that 26-point 16-rebound game when they needed him the most.

Add in Jordan Poole and others from that bench bunch, and you see how good a team this is.

Watch them share the ball, run the floor, go to the boards and play defense.  Golden State is everything the Lakers are not.

And recall this.  This was a team with the worst record in the league two years ago.  A team that got knocked out in the play-in game last year.  Now they are carrying the Larry O’Brien Trophy around.

What a job by Steve Kerr as coach, finding the right roles, building team chemistry, allowing the players to be themselves but become champions.

For Boston, they ran out of gas.  They had to be more than a Jaylen Brown-Jason Tatum team, and they weren’t in terms of consistency.  They looked leg weary chasing Curry and those other guys around.

No shame in losing in the finals, but the Warriors sure look far and above in another galaxy compared to everyone else.

What defines Curry?  He has 4-rings, a Hall of Fame induction waiting.  He’s the guy who checks off all the boxes on his NBA resume.

Earned it.  Owns it.  Greatness.

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