1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “The Baseball Commissioner Speaks Out”

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“The Commissioner Speaks Out in San Diego.”


Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred came to San Diego on Thursday night, in his season ending tour of major league ball parks. He spent 45-minutes fielding some pretty tough questions about the state of the game. The following are his key quotes.

..Padres owner Ron Fowler a tremendous asset to the league office.
..Padres confirmed they will extend safety netting along 1st-3rd base side Petco Park.

..NY foul ball incident upsetting to all in baseball…safety of fans is paramount….11-clubs have extended netting…Reds and Padres will do it next season…MLB will not mandate it to other teams.

..Believed he had deal for 26-man regular season roster limit and 28-man roster in September with Union when Union backed out…wants games in September-most important part of the season-to be played under same rules as in season.

..Willing to reopen roster talks with Tony Clark in off season.

..20-second pitch clock…want it for next year…has worked very well in minor leagues..will continue to talk to Union about it.

..Pace of Play still key issue..concerned about trips to mound….length of breaks between innings….asking played for input…will not change rules that impact style of game…just deal with dead time issues that elongate games..not impact competition part of game

..Will not change the strike zone for the 2018-season.

..Umpires work is very consistent…their balls and strikes evaluated weekly..umps are calling more strikes and more low ball strikes.

..Umpires will not me live mic’d to discuss manager’s challenge decisions on replay.

..HR record this year..no single cause….Athletes-bigger-stronger-faster….Players swinging bats differently….2-labs plus Rawlings continue to test balls-no change in ball this year.

..Padres-Mexico City game next May still under discussuion,,,might consider alternate sight in Mexico instead of Azteca Stadium.

..Home plate collision rule is working…fewer injuries-hits on catchers

..Payroll issue….does not agree there should be a floor to spending in baseball, like NBA-NHL….says Union does not want to sign off on that measure…says teams success are cyclical….Have luxury tax and strong penalties for teams over tax…..did propose floor to spending-Union rejected….

…Likes idea of global draft…1-common entry into pro baseball for all players….thinks International Cap is now working.


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6 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “The Baseball Commissioner Speaks Out””

  1. Dougc says:

    What do you think of nfl trying to force chargers back to san diego

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Don’t think possible…you have the unsolved stadium issue here…NFL owners surely would to want to give up their share each of the 650M territorial fee Spanos must pay…

      Wishful thinking…but if Spanos loses tons of money over 3-years in Stub Hub, maybe he will want to stop the bleeding and sell and get out…bu price tag in LA market would be worth more than SD…

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Need to clean up dead time…:20 pitch clock…prevent batters from stepping out of box after every pitch to adjust hitting gloves…as they hit .220

      Don’t impact anything strategy related to game though..

      Hope all well with you

  2. Phil Altig says:

    Miss hearing you on the radio.You gave us lots of sports news in short period of time.These guys today talk more about themselves and other stupid things.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Thanks for kind comments…miss doing radio and television…keep talking to people…hope you enjoy this website…invite you to tell your friends about its daily content

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