1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “The Patriots Way-The Winning Way”

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“The Patriot Way-Winning Way”


The Raider Nation. America’s Team. The Patriot Way.

Dynasties, run by demagogues, followed by everyone, loved by many, despised by a bunch too.

The Raiders and Al Davis thru all those decades. The Cowboys, with Shramm and Landry, and now the multiple eras of Jerry Jones.

But this dominance coming out of Foxborogh is really something.

And so the Patriots are back where they normally are in February, playing in a Super Bowl.

It’s their 9th trip as they search for their 5th ring.

If you live in the ‘State of New England’, you love Patriots football, and why not. From the early days of the AFL, Gino Capiletti to the John Hannah era, to where we are now with the the Tom Brady Bunch, they have had a string of succeses.

Robert Kraft, the paper magnet, saved the franchise, built the stadium, hired the enigma as coach, and has overseen dominance in the sport.

Bill Belicheck, an ogre of a personality, but a brilliant strategist, and mastermind tactician, has rebuilt his team twice now in the last decade plus.

You may not like ‘Spygate’ or ‘Deflategate’, you might disagree with their CIA mentality, but you have to respect a (25-10) postseason record with Belicheck as leader.

Tom Brady’s brilliance will take him from 6th round draft pick to the steps of the Hall of Fame, once he is done throwing touchdown passes. And his 24-career post season wins is pretty impressive, and so is his ability to drive his team to wins, regardless of whom is catching his passes.

The Patriots offense is so explosive. Belicheck’s defenses are so complex. Think of the challenge quarterbacks face at the line scrimmage, wondering if the presnap reads are true fact or New England fiction. Think of the worn out defenses, who can never get to Brady, and have to chase all his receivers-running backs game after game.

Atlanta steps up on Sunday with lots of firepower for QB-Matt Ryan. Now the issue, can he win if New England takes a bunch of his things away.
Will he have enough bullets in the gun? Can he do it without making mistakes? Will Brady, find a way to do it again. Get another ring.

The Patriots Way. You may not like it, but you should respect it. It’s always been the winning way.


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