1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “What I See-What I Don’t Like”

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Things I see…things I think.

Padres-Houston…Weekend series, a pretty important set of games, and the Padres are sending out  starter with an ERA of 7.18.  I don’t understand giving the ball to Jake Arrieta, who has had 3-quality starts in his last 15-outings dating back to June 1st.  Why not a quality bullpen day to try and stay in the Pennant race hunt.  The media needs to stop genuflecting in front of Manager Jayce Tingler at his press conferences and really ask why?

Chargers…Awful lot of cheerleading from the new coaching staff, after what it appeared to really be a substandard preseason.  Big concern, aging right tackle Bryan Bulaga has hardly practices, the aftermath of back and then hip issues.  That coupled with the fact the other four starters have never played a game together.  And by the way, this Spanos-vs-Spanos lawsuit is not going away, and the NFL has failed in an attempt to force the Dea Spanos lawsuit against Dean into NFL arbitration.  The NFL has withdrawn the motion, meaning the Judge in this case can order the massive lawsuit into trial.  Dea says Dean has put the franchise 435M into debt since the move to Los Angeles.  It does not appear there will be any out of court settlement, in this angry brother-vs-sister lawsuit.

Aztecs-New Mexico State….Where do I begin?  No buzz in the community despite what I think is a loaded team.  If you can believe the coaches, Jordan Brookshire is ready to take the next step forward as the starting quarterback after spending three years in the program.  Of course we start the season with the Coviid crisis hanging over our head.  No buzz in a community…is that because for the second year in a row they will play games in Carson before few fans, or just that SDSU has done such a pitiful job promoting its product?  And if you want to be disappointed, how about this note, the Big 12-talking to BYU-Cincinnati-Houston-Central Florida, about conferencr expansion  discussion,s that do no include San Diego State, the 8th biggest TV market in the country.  Too big a project for the Athletic Department to take on.  You don’t know if you don’t try, and they didn’t.  The President would rather create a mess with the Aztecs Ambassador.

USD…A great small college program no one knows about in the city, much less the country.  My critique, an Athletic Department that does not know how to promote a really good football product.  They almost treat it like a club sport, not a quality small college program that deserves better.

Gulls….Just asking this question, to promote the product, why not have the parent Anaheim Ducks  bring their developmental camp to San Diego, to promote hockey in this market.  Franchise with a great track record of success in the AHL, why not grow the product more in this community?

Team USA…Soccer opened World Cup qualifying in a real hostile environment in El Salvador.  A great job done by Coach Gregg Berkhalter, now we find out if his system will work as we start group to qualify for the World Cup, the tourney they missed four years ago.

Indy Car Racing…Jimmie Johnson is about to take the next step forward in his move from NASCAR to open wheel racing.  He has run 8-road races this spring and summer for Chip Ganassi, going thru a real steep learning curve.  His highest finish is 19th…always running back of the pack.  But this week, the first time testing on a big oval, he ran 200-laps at Texas Motor Speedway and did 214mph.  His goal, pass the rookie driver test on the big speedways, so he can run in the Indy 500 next May.  This bears watching.

Lots of things going on.  That is what I think.  Care to comment.


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