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CHARGERS….Those Bolt haters go crazy on twitter, even when the team wins.  “Justin Herbert beats Anthony Lynn 19-16.  That was the score of Sundays win in the battle of two struggling teams, as the Chargers edged the Broncos.  The Bolts have won 3-in a row against substandard teams, so they are now (6-9) with the season ending game in Kansas City.  The winning streak probably saves Anthony Lynn’s job, but it impacts where they will draft and the chance to get a big time defensive player or a left tackle in the draft.  Herbert is a star on a rag-tag franchise.  The roster is woeful and how many people believe Lynn is really qualified to do this?

BRONCOS…John Elway gave a vote of confidence to struggling coach Vic Fangio on Saturday night.  Can Fangio give Elway a similar vote, when you look at the battered Denver roster of hit and miss Elway draft picks?  They do have Drew Lock at quarterback, now they need more players around him.

RAIDERS..Ever see anything as horrific as all the defensive breakdowns in the Raiders secondary?  That was some final five minutes in the loss to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Miami.  Fans who used to pour into the old Black Hole would buy anything that Al Davis sold them.  Forgotten in all the glitter of the arrival in Las Vegas is the fact that the Davis family ran a franhcise that was (92-180) in Oakland in the last decade and a half.  And beyone that, Jon Gruden is (18-29) since returning to the Raiders, and is (63-71) since the night he won the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay more than a decade plus ago.  Glorified offensive coordinator, but is he a good head coach?

CHIEFS…Andy Reid’s guys are (14-1) now and have home field for the entire AFC playoffs, though an empty Arrowhead won’t be as intimidating as a normal Chiefs home game.  Pick your poison, do you defend Patrick Mahomes first…or Travis Kelce?  Do you have enough people to also handle Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and the tandem of running backs Clyde  Edwards-Helaire and Le’Veon Bell.

NFL,,,,,A week to go in the pandemic season, and then we get to the real season.  This will be fun when you consider how good and how dangerous the elite teams are  but also how really good the next tier of teams are.  Yes it can be the Chiefs and Saints, but what about the Packers-Titans-Seahawks-Rams-Colts-Steelers-Ravens and more?  Going to be wild for sure.




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  1. sonny foreman says:

    Spot on on Gruden, he is much better in the booth not on the sidelines. He should have never left his QB camp and ESPN

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