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“A Sunday to See’


It wasn’t Padres baseball.  It wasn’t anything to the NFL.  It wasn’t even the near must-win Lakers-Golden State game.

But it was worth watching on Sunday and the events were wild.

GOLF..The Bay Hill Classic course buried the golfers on the PGA Tour on Sunday. Ate them alive.  They couldn’t keep it in [lay.  Couldn’t putt either.  When they were done Kurt Kitsayama survived everything to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  He had a near death triple bogey.  He had a couple of 3-putt holes.  But he also used a nearly line drive putt at 17 for a birdie, and then nailed a 71′ putt to the lip of the cup to clinch on the 18th for his first win ever.

All you needed to do was watch the facial expressions to know how brutal the course was to play.  Rory McIlroy’s scowl over shots that would not fall.  The frustrations of Jordan Spieth who missed 5-crucial putts.  the constant yelling of Ty Hatton, yelling at his club, the greens.  The frantic eyes of Scottie Scheffler missing key shots.

It wasn’t Tiger nor Phil nor DJ.  Those guys are gone, Woods with the mountain of injuries, Mickelson and Johnson playing in tourneys in the Saudi Super League no one cares about.

But this new breed of golfers have put on a show the first six stops of the tour.

INDY CAR…The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg was wreck-filled, with things that you never see in the series.  Wreck after Wreck as if it were a Demolition Derby.    9-wrecks, 2-cars airborne in crashes, and multiple drivers hurt in crash after crash.

A 7-car crash on the lst lap injured Helio Castroneves and had a car driven by Del De Francisco go over the top of another car airborne.  Later Kyle Kirkland ran over the tires of a car and went up and over the top hitting another car, injurying another driver who wound up in the hospital.

And then a last lap crash as the lead drivers Rejean Grosjean rubbed tires with Scott McLaughlin knocking the 1-2 leaders out of the race.

Indy car needs to evaluate the cars leaving the track for it was scary to see cars nearly landing in the fence or bouncing off tire barriers.

NASCAR…What a cruel finish in the Las Vegas 400.  Here Kyle Larson is running away from the field when a driver hits the wall bringing out a caution.  Everyone comes in for tires under yellow with 6-laps to go…They finish in a 2-lap overtime race and William Byron blows by on  the restart to win…Larson finished second, all the while a bunch of cars crashed running 4-wide at the back on the final lap.  Good old boys-no Southern gentleman racing on Sunday.

SOCCER….That was ugly, that was controversial, that was the English Premier League at its ‘spirited best’

Iconic Manchester United got blasted by Liverpool 7-0 on Sunday, the worst beating of the Red Devils since 1926…yes 1926.  The Man U-coach Eric tenHag went haywire in the post game press conference calling his team quitters and says Man U soccer was unacceptable.

And Jorgen Klopp, the always outspoken Liverpool coach, suffering thru a bad season told the media and fans in England, ‘end the poison’ with their treatment of his side.  The chronic criticism has been unrelenting.

And did you ever think you would see the day teams like Everton and Chelse could be relegated out of the EPL.  That has not happened since 1931.

HERE & THERE…Anthony Davis, playing like a man possessed, had 39-in the Lakers win over Golden State as the Lakers try to claw their way out of the Play-In format.

The Clippers, who signed free agent guard Russ Westbrook, dragged a 5-game losing streak into weekend play and could be headed to the NBA Play-In Playoffs.

The San Diego Gulls, have their team traded away or hurt, won back to back games in Tucson, but are still a last place team.

The Aztecs finish the regular season (24-6), head to Las Vegas for the Mountain West Tourney.  Barring a meltdown, they win the tourney and we find out next Sunday how high a seed they get in March Madness, with the hope they end this ridiculous ‘1-and-done’ post season record they have.

That was some Sunday channel flipping all day Sunday.

We now return you to regular programming, Padres-Dodgers-Angels, Chargers-Rams, all things NFL too.


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