1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “A WILD FOOTBALL WEEKEND”

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They finish up a historical college football season with Monday Night Football, Michigan-vs-Washington.

The NFL finished up its regular season on Sunday night with the post season starting next Saturday.

Throwing deep opinions down the football field at this hour.

MICHIGAN-WASHINGTON…Assume this is Jim Harbaugh’s final game for the Wolverines before he chooses which NFL job he wants.  Maybe he leaves Ann Arbor one step ahead of the sheriff, as the NCAA arrives to probe recruiting violations during the Covid Blackout period.  His parting give could be the NCAA championship.

KEYS TO GAME..Loads of questions to consider.
..Will Washington go to spread formations to take the push out of the pass rush
..Can Washington protect Michael Penix against a fierce rush
..Will Washington go no huddle to wear out Michigan’s rush
..Will Michigan play power ball with BJ Corum-Don Edwards-keep Penix off field
..Will Michigan’s motion formations unravel the Huskies defense

WHO WINS…Think Michigan defense is too much for the Huskies to cope with.


CHARGERS-CHIEFS…That was awful, unwatchable and a well deserving finish to a bad Bolt season, this last second (13-12) loss to KC, in typical Chargering fashion.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy that Dean Spanos.  The game was a matchup of backups since so many players sat out.  Easton Stick might make a good CFL-QB.  He actually played well with some (320Y) all purpose offense, but they did not score any TDs.  In fact the Chargers have not scored a TD in 10-quarters, and scored just 1-offensive TD in the last 3-games Stick started.  The Bolts finish (5-13), get a high draft pick but they are a mess in the front office and have roster and cap problems everywhere.  Good luck with all that.

RAIDERS-BRONCOS..They finish upbeat with a 5-sack outing in beating a bad Denver team.  Big question, the lockeroom wants Antonio Pearce retained after a (5-4) finish to the season.  What does Mark Davis do?

BILLS-MIAMI..Josh Allen made horrid throws, killing 2-TD drives and then fumbled, but came back to make so many big run plays in the final quarter for the win-aided by a 96Y punt return TD…. Dolphins look amped for the playoffs, despite injuries over the last couple of weeks…but there is a glaring number, they are just (1-5) against good teams this year.  So who is better,  Buffalo or Kansas City?

PATRIOTS-JETS..The weather was miserable, so was the way Bill Belichick’s team finishing up (4-13) and so was the coach in his final press conference, dour and in the dumps.  What a mess he leaves behind.  What a call Bob Kraft must make.

HOUSTON-COLTS…What a season, what a QB (CJ Stroud), what a WR (Nico Collins), what leadership job (DeMeco Ryans).  See the Texans in the playoffs next weekend.

STEELERS-RAVENS..Is your team improving?  Guess you can say discussing Pittsburgh.  Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season.  What a coaching job to fix this team after its sorry start.  Likely 1-and-done but they got to the playoffs.

BENGALS-BROWNS..Cleveland sat alot of people and had hurt people out too, so Cincinnati got a meaningless win.  The Bengals can watch the Browns on the playoff field next weekend.

LIONS-VIKINGS..Great season, but they got two key guys hurt on Sunday.  The tooth ache of a season is over in Minnesota, with the QB injuries wrecking the season.

JAGUARS-TITANS..Epic cave in by the Jags because Trevor Lawrence had 3-different injuries in 4-weeks and looked to be a shell of himself.  For once this year, Derek Henry and Ryan Tannehill played like they used to in Nashville.  Both are likely to leave

SAINTS-ATLANTA..The Falcos rebuild stalled, and three years into the Arthur Smith regime, they still don’t have a quarterback.   He might not have a job either.

TAMPA BAY-CAROLINA…Bryce Young threw TD passes in just 1-game over the final seven weeks of the season.  They have such a long road back to fix the Panthers.

GREEN BAY-BEARS..Jordan Love completes a dazzling neon light season, blowing by the first year stats that Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers compiled their first seasons in Green Bay.

EAGLES-GIANTS…This is bad, the collapse into the sewer by Philadelphia  They were (10-1), now they lost 5-of-6 and the QB injured a finger and a top WR has a knee injury.  Not who they used to be, dominant.

SEATTLE-ARIZONA..The Cardinals go home (4-13)..Seattle ends a relly disappointing season.

RAMS-49ERS..A 10-win season under Sean McVay and now they head to the playoffs.  They have weapons, they are healthy, can they win a playoff game on the road?  The Niners rested lots of guys and now they have a bye week too.

DALLAS-WASHINGTON..The Cowboys are for real.  The Commanders are in trouble, no QB, no offense,no pass rush, and likely no coach and GM by Tuesday

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