1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Aztecs Football-1 City-1 Team-Only team that’s Winning”

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“Aztecs Football-Great Things-Unnoticed”


In a city that no longer has an NFL franchises….with a baseball team in what appears to be a lifetime of rebuilding…there’s only 1-winner in town.

Rocky Long-leader of the San Diego State football program.

It’s not just about winning seasons, or victories in second level bowl games.

it’s about beating big time teams, scoring victories over rivals who once dominated them.

It’s about preparation in games…adjustments in games….demands of attention to detail…and recruiting good kids and good student athletes, developing them as players and people.

It may be old school, but it works, witness Saturday nights win over Arizona State.

The Aztecs, without their quarterback Christian Chapman, used the next man up, Ryan Agnew to manage the game.

They went back to old reliable, a sledgehammer running game, with Juwan Washington and Chase Jasmin to pile up (311Y) against a Pac 12-school.

And then it was vintage Rocky-ball defense..that choked off Sun Devils QB-Manny Wilken. Go ahead and complete 31-passes…throw for nearly 400-yards…but good luck getting it into the end zone. They gave up just 2-touchdowns to one of the Pac 12’s big time throwers.

It was remnants of a huge upset win over Cal, at that time led by NFL quarterback Davis Webb, who threw for a ton except into the end zone.

Long may be the best we have ever seen at making adjustments during the heat of battle, and he’s doing it with roster much less talented than say Alabama’s Nick Saban.

Flashback and remember them beating Stanford and ASU last year; Cal the year before that; the conference playoff wins in Wyoming; winning at Boise State; the come from behind bowl battering they gave the Houston Cougars.

Add in long distance field goal kicker John Baron, a definite NFL prospect, and you have a mix of talent that has led this program to a (66-30) record since taking over the Red & Black.

They are going to run the ball downhill. They are going to beat you up on defense. The coaching staff will move the Xs and Os around till you cannot score anymore.

Pick a nickname, “Running Back U”…..”Linebackers Are Us”…..”1-City-1 Team”….and it all fits.

In a city that has lost so much, Aztecs football is winning. Time for football fans to notice that, and fill the stadium every home game.


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