1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Aztecs Football–Awesome-Unwanted”

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“Aztecs Football…Very Good…Very Ignored”


Aztecs football….”Get there….Get there fast…Get there in a foul mood”

That’s how they play football.  That’s the reason they are (7-0) and ranked 21st in the nation.

It’s what Rocky Long preached and what Brady Hoke has continued.  It has been the tickets to building a quality program, with speed athletes, dedicated kids, and continuity.

State will run the ball down your throat.  They will punch you in the mouth when you have the ball.  They use their kicker to put you on a long field and dare you to try and trigger long drives from the next area code.The quarterbacking may be substandard but everything else is superb.

I wish they were playing at home infront of football starved fans, forever betrayed by Dean Spanos when he yanked the Chargers out of here after 55-years loyalty.  The Aztecs could be-should be drawing 50,000-fans a game.

It is sad the alumni don’t respond.  The community doesn’t react.  Sad too they have to play home games in Carson, where negligible crowds of 2,000 show up in a stadium hardly anyone goes too.

Saturday night’s win over Air Force had everything, anything, was as crazy as you would ever see in a college game….and it was a win too.

They checked off lots of boxes in that win in Colorado Springs, experienced lots of strange stuff too:

..Dallas Branch 1-handed leaping interception
..Matt Araiza’s 81-yard punt
..Recovered Haaz Daniels fumble
..Held the Falcons to 19-yards offense in the opening quarter
..Had a tough guy 4th down at one and stop
..Keishon Banks amazing tackle for loss-1 handed tackle
..A fumble recovered at the 46
..Arazia’s 51-yard field goal in the thin air
..A bean bag TD catch in the end zone
..The 4-by-1 running back committee that pounded yards
..Getting refs help on 2-ugly Air Force chop blocks
..Getting lucky on Micah Davis dropping a wide open 77-yard TD pass
..Surviving backup QB-William Bryan’s 2-TD passes late in game
..Surviving their own false starts because of the cadence of QB Lucas Johnson
..Going to the end of the field with the Air Force players for the classy singing of the Air Force Alma Mater hymn with the guys they just battled on the field.
..Coming home at (7-0)-best start since 1975.

Still to come, more showdown games with Fresno State, Nevada and Boise State.

This might be a special football season, because of the Brady Bunch, the tough as cement defense that San Diego State has been known for.

I’ll watch it, I’ll root for it, I respect it.

Even if the team doesn’t play here, in a community that seems to have no buzz-nor-love to give these kids…this is a really good football program.

You should see it…watch it…support it.

Very good…sadly very unwanted.





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