1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Aztecs Football-Win Turned Into a Loss”

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“Aztecs–Win Turned into a Loss”


They checked off all the boxes, San Diego State did on Saturday night in Fresno State.

Everything except the last box, a win, they should have had, did not get.

A night of fireworks in the San Joaquin Valley turned into a display of disappointment.

Part festival, part fiasco, and a combo of good-bad-ugly, this terrible (32-28) last second loss to the hated Bulldogs.

Smart guy coach-offensive guru Jeff Tedford finally wore down smart guy head coach-defensive guy Brady Hoke.

Helluva game-just not a win.

Observations everywhere in my autopsy:

JAYLEN MADEN…And to think SDSU wasted 18-months of this kid’s career by not working with him as a quarterback after he transferred from Mississippi State. He turned in a spectacular array of runs-passes-scrambles and toughness before the turnovers caught up to him late in the game. He is a gamer, a player.

JEFF HORTON….Where did this creative juice come from? Now the Offensive Coordinator, showing a dynamic use of formations and a blend of run and pass, this is not the same guy who was the coordinator during some of the very good Rocky Long-Brady Hoke years.

RUN GAME…Not much to show as the offensive line seems to be getting blown into the backfield rather than making blocks for backs. And the OL penalty flags continue to fly, just a by product of starting so many young offensive linemen. Will be better next year for this year’s painful outings

WASTED EFFORT….Oh they must be sick today. The Aztecs defense had 7-sacks…9-tackles for losses….2-interceptions and still lost the game. That’s because they could not stop QB-Jake Haener from moving the pocket, 3-big scrambles and throwing on the run to receivers capitalizing on busted coverages. It was wild but at the end, giving up 2-TD passes in (:69) means you won’t win, and SDSU’s secondary has been gashed for alot of big plays in their four losses.

WHEN LAST SEEN…You can find WRs-Zach Pope-Noah Remigio-they’re in the end zone celebrating for Fresno…a combined 20-receptions for (269Y). So much for what SDSU’s defense used to be.

HOW THE HELL….Do you run up 449Y-in total offense and not win on the road?
Turnovers, penalties, breakdowns in coverages. Keep sharp objects away from the coaches this week.

TURNOVERS…When was the last time you saw an SDSU team turn the ball over 5-times in one game, much less 5-times in a month of games? 3-fumbles, 2-picks, a dropped punt and a failure to recover an onside kick. What a mess.

RIVALRY…..Fresno State QBs destroying San Diego State-there is a history there, much like the Old Oil Can Trophy, which still resides at Fresno State. This all started in the days of Kevin Sweeney-playing for his dad, the feisty Jim Sweeney. That was followed by the big play bomb jobs by Trent Dilfer, and then David Carr, then Derek Carr and now big play Jake Haener. Hey San Diego State, that’s what a game changing QB looks like, compared to the guys you have run out here wearing Red & Black. Ryan Lindley, Kevin O’Connell and Billy Blanton are a long time ago at SDSU.

These are college kids, so not much criticism coming from my end. Just seeing SDSU sitting at (4-4), and still not having beaten a good team this year, means you are no longer what you used to be, pretty good.

Too bad, SDSU checked off alot of the boxes, all except the last one, a win at Fresno State. Did everything but that. Damn shame.

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