1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Aztecs–Yes You Can Come Home”

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1=Man’s Opinion on Sports…’Yes You Can Go Home to SDSU’

He’s come home.  He had to go away first so he could come back

He has been greeted with open arms, becuase of who he is, and what he accomplished.

Ryan Lindley rewrote a ton of passing records with the Aztecs, thru some really tough seasons, as SDSU’s starting quarterback took him from a bad Chuck Long era to the hopeful arrival of Brady Hoke from Ball State, and then Rocky Long’s debut.

He was at the throttle in a (1-7) mess under Long.  By the time he was done there were 9-win seasons and bowl games and a ton of records.

When he was done, he threw for 12,690-yards and 90-touchdowns.  All this on the heels of the dynamic seasons Kevin O’Connell displayed while wearing the Red & Black.

It’s been a struggle at quarterback since Lindley left.  A job working as running back coach with the Cleveland Browns, then getting wiped out when the staff was fired.  Then a job within the creative empire of Mike Leach and his Air Raid offense at Mississippi State.

Now he has come home as Offensive Coordinator for Hoke, trying to fix what is so broken, the Aztecs quarterback situation.

SDSU has been plagued by by substandard play at QB, despite the spectacular array of top running backs from Donnell Pumphrey to Rashaad Penny.  The Aztecs level of defense is respected everywhere too.  But the QB issues must be resolved.

Injuries, transfers out, and the firing of an offensive coordinator has really set the program back.  The Aztecs will have Jalen Mayden back as a starter after a half season of accomplishments bailing the team out of trouble last year.  Work to be done to cut down on turnovers.  In the rear-view mirror however the litter left behind by the transfers of QBs Will Haskell and Lucas Johnson, and the disappearance of QBs Jordan Brookshire and Carson Baker.

It’s been a mess and now Lindley gets the chance to put all he has learned into play; his offense and his offensive staff.

Ryan Lihdley quotes:

Really fortunate to learn about hiring process to fill out a staffSee how NFL coaches work helps you learn what you need to learn to succeed in college
Dream come true coming home to SDSU
Glad Coach Hoke trusted me to run the ship on offense
Excited to be here
Learned from college coaches and NFL coaches I have crossed paths with

Exposed to Tom Brady-Andrew Luck-Carson Palmer how to prepare game plans
With the Chargers I was with Frank Reich-Nick Sirianni who taught me.

We are not going to be Mike Leach-Air Raid but picked some things from him that will help
Identity-we will be Clandestine and not tell people yet
Want to see what our payers do well in spring

Jalen Mayden put alot on his shoulders last year
We asked him to do alot of things in short period
He took losing really bad…he loves to let it rip
He is feuled by workouts
There’s no magic formula to this

Alot of changes in WR-room..we have lost some key guys
Going to use Mark Redmon alot more-move TE everywhere.
Good young guys Shaw-Nicholson stepping up

Our blueprint is rushing the football-we cannot get away from that
I’d like a bell cow but we have always had Robin-Batman combo at RB
We have to coach our guys hard to do it right
Make QB-WR comfortable with each other

We have confidence in 5-returning running backs coming back
Raving about young running backs..Armstead-Cam Davis
We are deep in running back room
Coach Horton recruited his tail off

QB transfers hurt program…
Have to be dedicated to develop guys in the room
Perfect world develop from within-not go into transfer portal

Spring ball will bring changes in offense
We get our offense in spring ball..all that before spring break-so there is continuity
Excited to get the stuff in the guys hands and see what they do on the grass

We have lots of offensive line experience now after playing young kids all year
Cut their teeth last year and times it was painful

Mayden takes first team reps
I love young guys like Crum supporting our group..they are growing

I had a ridiculous jump in my coaching career-fast track
From RB coach to assistant in NFL-then college experience.
Best thing experienced was adversity..hurdles..injuries..getting fired
Good to pick guys brains-where did it go wrong
See the work it takes is best thing for me…NFL coaches work so hard
What you do Monday thru Friday to get to play Saturday

Mike Leach-carefree attitude..had his system
Can’t get stiff..cut loose..way he played
Allowed his players to be themselves
He had dozen plus plays and executed it time and time again
Did not have 2-foot thick playbook..more like 20 pages
Took uniqe blend of quarterbacks to run his system
Ran 4-wide pass packages were quick-sharp

Browns-running backs coach then QB coach-I learned so much
Fun jumping into the NFL that way
Inherited alot of struggles
Change can be a real catalyst
Took blueprint in Cleveland-build it there..won 5-of-8

NFL is different animla…emotions..money…pressures
Pinnacle what you are doing..learned tons at age 29
You don’t know what t you don’t know
Getting fired is a gut punch
Lonley empty feeling

Andy Ludwig biggest influence..way he attacked defenses
Knew concepts and how to teach it to him-he is great offensive mind

As defensive assistant..learned on the dark side-helped me alot

Career at SDSU with McConnell..great career-took lumps early
We came close to a 1-year turnaround under Brady Hoke
Rocky Long followed-learned so much
Alot of principals they had helped me develop.

Kevin O’Connell-not suprirsed he is head coach
Fast track-super smart-been around the game
Learned alot of positions on different staffs.
It was fun being with him..he was North County..I was East County

Took a national tour in football..Midwest-Deep South..win games-draw fans-learned alot about XOs coaching

We will flip this offense and draw the fans back to Snapdragon.


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