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“Baseball & Media”


What I think after what I see and what I read.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion about the Padres-Dodgers-Angels. So am I especially about the guys in the media covering these teams.

The Padres have spent 3-days in first place…have had the joy of a no hitter…and beat the Dodgers 4-times early in the season’s first month.

They seem to have issues everywhere, from Fernando Tatis’ scary shoulder injury, to Manny Machado’s poor start, to big money players like Tommy Pham and Ha Kim earning big money with little production.

That plus the injury issues to a ravaged pitching staff, be it the scares to Dinelson Lamet..Ryan Weathers, the devastating injury to Adrian Morejon, and the fact that 18-Padres pitchers have had surgeries dating back the last three years.

The Padres beat writers and columnists just don’t seem to want to view things thru a critical lens.  No heat on the pitching injury scoreboard.  No demands of better play from the highest paid players.  No critique of the disappointments in some others.  The UT sometimes needs to show its teeth rather than cheerlead with an avalanche of statistics in their stories.

The Dodgers (13-2) start has been washed away by this (5-15) month of baseball.

Their columnists say the team stinks, the season is apparently over.  Might this be ‘piling on’?

Mookie Betts has had two significant injuries, is still in the lineup, though hitting 50-points below average.  Little criticism of Corey Seager-in a contract year, hitting below average, and playing sloppy defense at short.

No mention of the roster full of players on the Dodgers injured list.  7-pitchers gone, including Dustin May and David Price, plus former MVP-Cody Bellinger.  No mention of the toll that has taken on Dave Roberts lineups.  Not an excuse but an explanation?

The LA Times seems to be ignoring how many hurt, hindering the chance to compete.  They stink for a legitimate reason.

The Angels have slid into last place, with pitching problems, and erratic production around superstar Mike Trout.

The columnist spent the weekend bashing the exiting Albert Pujols, rather rude treatment of an aging star, headed for Cooperstown when his career is done.

Not hammering of Arte Moreno for investing (240M) in an aging Pujols..this after wasting (150M) on drug troubled Josh Hamilton..and before that (80M) on oft injured Mo Vaughn.

The Times made Pujols out to be a bum-which is wrong, considering all his accomplishments in St Louis, and what he has done in the communities in St-Louis and Anaheim.  He deserved a better farewell than making him the destination point for criticism of the bad years the franchise has had.

Oh there’s lots of baseball to be played, but each of these teams has issues for which they need to be held accountable.

But not so much by the beat writers or columnists of the major papers.


Too much cheerleading in San Diego?

Too much jumping off the bandwagon in LA?

Blaming the wrong guy in Anaheim?

Are they looking at the same games I am looking at?
You tell me what you want from your print reporters. Accountability…responsibility…or cheerleading?

You’ll have to tell me, via my Email address on my website, what you want to read from the guys covering the teams via hacksaw5555@gmail.com.


Because games, teams, organizations they write about, don’t seem to match what we see on the field.


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