1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “BLACK EYE–BLACK LISTED–BLACK BALLED”

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Bad decisions-bad outcomes.

Matt Araiza-NFL..Trevor Bauer-MLB

One sidetracked his career, the other may have self destructed his career.

Questions worth asking:  Since when is being stupid a reason to keep a player out of the NFL?  How many times do you have to commit hideous acts to make yourself a toxic talent in MLB?

Matt Araiza, surviving a sexual escapade with a 17-year old, is back in the NFL after missing two seasons following an investigation and lawsuits.  It cost him his rookie salaries and his spot on the Buffalo Bills roster, who released him after the gang rape investigation began.

Araiza was cleared by police and both sides dropped their defamation lawsuits against each other.  But the damage was done to his reputation.  He will never get back the two years of athletic ability he lost.

All he did was be stupid and have consensual sex with a girl who lied to him about his age.  Stupid decision with his NFL career just ahead of him.  He was never part of the gang sex possible rape case inside an on campus apartment later that night.

NFL rosters are dotted by alot of players who been arrested.  Pick any charge, DUI, guns, domestic abuse, cocaine, PEDs and guys are still playing.  No one would touch Araiza until his troubles finally were off the court dockets and out of the court room.

He kept his mouth shut, kept working out, got cleared and got another job kicking in the NFL for Kansas City.  A painful price for being stupid.

Trevor Bauer says he’s served his sentence, a record 194-game suspension, loss of 31M-in salaries, his exile to the Yokohama Bay Stars, for sexual misconduct.

He too investigated, never charged, case tossed out of court, lawsuits dropped too.  But his case is deeper because the ‘rough sex’ allegations are not isolated incidents.  3-other women say they experienced similar issues while Bauer was in the Indians-Reds organizations.

Trend there, lifestyle choice, not a stand-alone happenstance.  Kind of surprising for someone with a UCLA degree.

He’s still unsigned.  That’s him standing on your street corner wearing a sandwich board that reads ‘willing to work for minimum MLB salary’.

He has kept talking, kept active on social media, saying he paid his price, deserves a 2nd chance, apologizing for his reckless decisions, but still alluding to the fact ‘it was consensual’.

No one has offered him any type of incentive laced contract, despite baseball teams being desperate for established starting pitching.  Even his (83-56) record doesn’t impress anyone anymore because of what is attached to his resume now.

Black eyes for both Araiza and Bauer for sure.
Black listed maybe for the punter.
Blackballed-sure looks like for the pitcher..


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