1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers-A Winner Among Losers”

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“Chargers–A Winner Among Losers”


It was the final game of the regular season in Kansas City, but it really felt like the final game of an exhibition schedule you’d see in August..  The Chargers had so many players injured and ill, it looked like a preseason game roster.

The Chiefs, having stormed thru a (14-1) season, rested all their big name players and let the bottom of the roster play the game, and lose it.

When Sunday started there were 9-different games played that had playoff implications with teams trying to get into the post season, or holding onto spots they had fought so hard to get.

Not such at Arrowhead Stadium.  The scoreboard read Chargers (38-21) winners over Kansas City.  The game was meaningless except for fringe players trying to impress people to get an invite to camp next year.

Chargers QB-Justin Herbert won another game this season with his brilliant play on Sunday in beating the Chiefs.  In doing so, he has now likely saved the head coaching career of Anthony Lynn….at least till the start of next season.

Herbert single-handedly carries this team to a (7-9) finish line, despite the wreckage around him on the field, and the incompetence in game management on the sidelines from a troubled-struggling-overwhelmed  coach staff.

Spectacular does not describe what the kid from Oregon accomplished.  8-300 yard passing games.  An NFL record 30-TD passes for a rookie QB..  Leadership and athletic qualities many wondered about.

Sunday was a low-tide effort by the Chiefs.  You either said how bad all their young players looked, or can we just get to the end of this game without getting anyone hurt.

But it was a meltdown of enormous proportions.  Pass interference penalties, personal foul flags, blown coverages, DBs falling down chasing receivers and failed fourth down play calls.

It gave life to a downtrodden Chargers team and gave rise to the question, if they had all their players healthy, could this have been a Bolts playoff team rather than a (7-9) team that pretty much rallied itself against the bottom feeders of the NFL.  Thank goodness people like the Bengals-Jaguars-Falcons were on that schedule.

The Chiefs get a bye week, much like Green Bay.

Tom Brady and the Bucs, Philip Rivers and the Colts, Drew Brees and his Saints, the Titans and that running back Derrick Henry and the other good teams in the league head to the playoffs next week.

The Chargers come home to pack up their gear, wait for the draft and hope the NFL and life returns to normal by the time next fall rolls around.

The neon light stats Justin Herbert put up are amazing.  You cannot hide Anthony Lynn’s (12-21) record though since the Bolts last playoff game victory.

The quarterback likely saved the coaches job for the time being.  They have a winner at the most important position on the team.  But the people responsible for all losing are still employed running the franchise.

We have a winner among losers.  That;s all you can say about Bolt-Ball right now.


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