1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers–All Time Low?”

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“Chargers Fans–How DId Your Day Go?”


Worst home field loss by the Chargers in their history.
In the NFL, the AFL, in San Diego, or in Los Angeles.

New England wins (45-0) over the Chargers.

The Bolts are now (3-9).  Anthony Lynn looks lost  and has now lost 21-of-29 games dating back to the end of the 2018-season.

Bill Belichick is now (22-5) when lining up against rookie quarterbacks, though this loss was hardly the doing of QB-Justin Herbert.

It was on the Chargers defense, which got mauled trying to stop the Patriots run game.

It was a typical Sunday disaster for Anthony Lynn’s special teams, which gave up 2-monster punt returns, 1-that was a TD, missed a field goal, had another field goal blocked and taken back for a touchdown.

It would not surprise me to wake up in the morning and find out Anthony Lynn is no longer head coach

If this is not the low point in the ownership of the franchise by Dean Spanos, you’d have to explain anything worse.

Luckily no fans were in the stands to see this debacle, but everyone saw it on TV to a large part of the country.

They pretty much checked off all the boxes in this horror show outing.

..Justin Herbert (2-8) passing in the opening half
..Herbert (26-53) for the day-2 interceptions
,,Herbert (7-17) on 3rd downs
..The offensive line allowed 3-sacks..10-hits..9-pressures
..Keenan Allen only 5-catches
..Mike Williams seldom targeted.
..The Patriots punt returner Gunnar Olszewski  70Y-TD and 61Y-returns
..Missed Bolts field goal
..Blocked field goal taken back for a touchdown
..Joey Bosa another personal foul penalty
..Jerry Tillery critical personal foul on 3rd down
..12 on the field on one punt
..10 on the field for another punt
..Holding call on a kick return
..Battered defense gave up 167-yards rushing to an anemic Pats team

In the history of Bolts football, there have been awful years.  Any of the time associated with Harland Svare’s ill-fated era probably is the low water mark in the era of bad football.

A team ravaged by injuries, has too many young players on the field on defense.  The kid quarterback is going thru a rough patch right now, learning what defenses can do to him.

The head coach looks lost.

Do you blame some of this on Tom Telesco and John Spanos.

Are you there rooting against owner Dean Spanos.

Like I said, this travesty probably is an all time low.  You can fill out the check boxes on most everything.

Pretty galling in that it comes at the hands of the much disliked Bill Belichick.

But then again it comes under the watch of the much hated owner Dean Spanos.

4-more games to go in a lost season, for a team disliked by much of the population in San Diego, and now really ignored by the mass of fans in Los Angeles.

When the flagship teams in your city are the Dodgers and Lakers, both who won trophies, and the other team in town, the Rams, were in the Super Bowl.  The Bolts popularity may be at an all time low.

(45-0)…think about how bad that is…(45-0) at home.

Chargers fans-how do you feel today?


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers–All Time Low?””

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Disgusted, disappointed, and as someone who has not lived in my native Los Angeles / Orange County area since 1993, I’m not sure how much longer I can stay on as a fan of this team.

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