1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers-Aztecs–Not Acceptable”

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1-lucky win.
1-bad loss.

Had the Chargers been playing anyone else they probably would have lost

Houston is a pathetic franchise and they almost came back and won.

The Aztecs, going thru a bad cycle, lost to a Boise team in all types of trouble.

The Bolts got an exceptional day from their swashbuckling QB-Justin Herbert. Houston could not cover Mike Williams. Austin Ekeler scores 3-times against a lousy defense in the not so impressive win.

And despite a big lead early, they had to fight off choking this game away.  They are not healthy and not complete

The Aztecs defense dies on the field, giving up 35-points in a row-5 straight TDS in a horror showing.

Brady Hoke fires his offensive coordinator, loses 2-quarterbacks with injuries, and puts on a display of ineptness not seen since a Chuck Long team lost 73-6 in a death spiral road game at New Mexico.

The big issue for SDSU is the evaluation of talent in the offensive line that has now resulted in the Will Haskell transfer and the chronic injuries to Braxton Burmeister and then frosh Kyle Crum

Haskell is still on campus. Make a call and try to lure him back. Move safety Jalen Mayden back to QB and let him compete

Hoke had QB-Injury-Coordinator problems at Michigan. It wound up costing him his job in Ann Arbor.

His job should not be in jeopardy, but this looks like a crash-burn SDSU season with far reaching financial implications for the Athletic group.

As 1-Aztec alum texted me “can we just fast forward to SDSU basketball”?

The Chargers head to Cleveland next and that won’t be easy, regardless of what sales pitch Brandon Staley uses. It feels like he has half a team right now

The Aztecs have no team right now and no way out of this QB crisis and that’s on Hoke. Invoking one of his more used quotes “that’s unacceptable and not who we are.”

Sure it is-your team-your recruits-your playbook.

The Chargers and SDSU need to fix things. Not really sure they can.

Season of promise in danger of going down the drain.


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