1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers–Crap Game”

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Chargers–Crap Game”————




Those are the first words out of my mouth after watching the Chargers lose  (41-29) to a pathetic Houston Texans team.

Houston, the team that is paying QB-Deshaun Watson not to play,  beat the Chargers.

The Texans, the franchise that traded away DE-JJ Watt and WR-DeAndre Hopkins, battered LA.

Coach David Culley, on the brink of getting fired, put the Bolts on the brink of missing the playoffs.

So much for the Chargers winning the AFC-West in place of Kansas City.  Guess you can discount the Chargers being mentioned in the same sentence with the words Super Bowl.

Not sure there is an explanation as to why this happened, this hammering job by a team that was ranked 28th in the NFL in offense, and 32nd in defense.

Both teams were ravaged by Covid positive tests.  No Joey Bosa.  No Mike Williams.  No Cory Linsley.  No Austin Eckeler.  No Justin Jones among others.  13-Bolts in all could not play.  But Houston had 20-players sitting out too.

The great stats put up by QB-Justin Herbert couldn’t prevent the bleeding, because he could not get on the field until late in the 4th quarter, when the game was already decided.  So his (363Y) passing was really garbage time stats.

He didn’t get pressured much, sacked just one time, pressured only 3-times.  Hit just twice.  But there were few big plays.  He threw 2-picks, including a bad one at the 1-yard line.  He heaved a pick six.  And his team coughed it up at mid-field on a fumble.

Justin Jackson had a career best day, pounding the ball, and catching passes enroute to (162) all purpose yards, but he had a deathly fumble.

Who knew why the playcalls limited the targets to leading receiver Keenan Allen.

The age old defense’s problems showed up again.  The Texans ripped off (189Y) on the ground, and a team that was averaging (253YPG) in offense,piled up (437Y) against a Chargers so-called playoff team.

Rookie QB-Davis Mills started (11-for-13)  and never let up with his pinpoint (21-for-27) passing day..that netted (254P) and a couple of TDs…

And the 32nd ranked Chargers third down defense, allowed the Texans to go (9-for-13).

A team of no names controlled the ball 35-minutes to 25-minutes.  Journeyman RB-Rex Burkhaed grinded for (149-yards rushing), not bad for a 3d down back-lifer.

Houson had 10-penalties and kept wiping out big plays along the way, but never fell into the gutter.

It was a bad loss, and with two weeks left in the season, they need to get players healthy, and then get some help to jump back into the wildcard race.

No one is giving up on Brandon Staley’s leadership and creativeness, but this was a devastating setback at the wrong time.

In recent times, there have been horrible losses.  Pick a bunch of bad Anthony Lynn losses.  Mike McCoy watched his Chargers lose a horror show game to a horrible Browns team.  And Marty Schottenheimer’s career was pock-marked by terrible losses at home, in the playoffs to lesser rated teams..

Shaking my head over how this could ever happen.

You did not.
You did what.
How could this happen?

This God awful crap loss to a crap Houston Texans team.

Believe in the Bolts?  Not based on what we just saw.


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