1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Chargers-Devastating Loss-Even Worse Impact”

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“Awful Losses–Devastating Impact”


The CHARGERS played as complete a game as you can, only to lose again, this time because of Video Replay and the Raiders.  Their record falls to (2-6) burying whatever playoff hopes they might have maintained.

They lost despite another spectacular game by rookie QB-Justin Herbert, who threw an apparent TD pass to fellow rookie TE-Donald Parham on the final play of the game.  Over-ruled by replay that said Parham bobbled the pass and he fell to the ground.

Oh that NFL rulebook.  You know if you are a running back and run it into the end zone..it is a TD the minute you cross the plane of the goal-line with the ball..even if it comes out after you hit the ground.

Parham caught the ball.  Came down with both feet inbounds.  As he was hit, on his way to the ground he still had possession.  He fell out of bounds and the ball moved.

In bound, 2-feet on the ground, in possession as he came down.  How is that not possession.

Gut wrenching, but then everything about the team is like that.

Herbert completed 9-passes in driving the team to the goal line for the final pass play.

A running back tandem of Kalen Ballage and Josh Kelly combined for (132) all purpose  yards running and catching.  Keenan Allen was his typical self, a 9-catch-103 yard day.

The Raiders gashed them with a power run game, grinding for 166-yards.
QB Derek Carr hit 45-and-54 yard passes that led to scores.  Jalen Richard had a 45-yard kickoff return, but that was the extent of what they got done.

A battered Chargers team, playing now without concussed DE-Joey Bosa, hung in there against an explosive Raiders offense.

Oh there were villans along the way.  Anthony Lynn burned (:25) on the play clock on the final drive that he probably could have used to get an extra snap or two for his quarterback.

Big money CB-Casey Hayward got burned for the two biggest pass plays of the game.

Rookie KJ Hill dropped a punt that led to instant Raider points.

The Bolts missed another field goal; they failed on a 2-point play with Tyrod Taylor trying to scramble in for a score.

There were other issues that detracted.  Hayward gave up 98-yards on consecuative big plays.  Melvin Ingram did virtually nothing in the game.  Rookie LB-Kenneth Murray was benched for blown assignments.  OT-Trey Pipkins gave up 2-sacks…a pressure and took a penalty.  OT-Bryan Bulaga last two offensive snaps and hurt his back again.  Rayshawn Jenkins gave up a TD pass.  The run defense gave up 8-runs of 10-yards or more.  The Bolts had 14-plays of 10-yards or more but lost.

And Anthony Lynn’s record is now (7-18) since the teams last playoff win after the 2018 season.   He was emotionally devastated at his post game press conference to the point he could hardly answer any questions.

So close to getting a win.  So far away from having a playoff spot, or even a winning season.

Hard to be a Chargers fan, because the owner took the team from San Diego.  Tougher to be a Chargers fan, now that this team is (7-18) since their last playoff win.

Tough to be a Chargers player considering how good this rookie QB is…who now has a (1-6) record as a starter.

This weekend they didn’t blow any big lead.  They played their way back into the game.  They went to the final play in the end zone when they lost to the video replay booth.  But the results are still the same.

There are no moral victories  in the NFL.  Regardless how well Herbert played, the NFL is all about wins and losses.  And Sunday’s game with the Raiders was like so many other Sundays.

A devastating loss…and the impact even worse.

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