1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “CHARGERS–EVERYTHING BUT A WIN”

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The difference between an elite NFL team (Baltimore) and a struggling team (Chargers) is like the distance between the North Pole and the Equator.

The Chargers turned in one of their better defensive performances of the season, but lost.

The Chargers got courageous play from QB-Justin Herbert, star-type plays from WR-Keenan Allen, and not much else from anyone else.

They wasted maybe the best game play by Khalil Mack, who had a 2-wicked sacks, 2-tackles for losses, 3-pressures, all for naught.

The Ravens defense choked off the Chargers offense, who tried to control the ball by running early.  Tried to change the tempo by going no huddle alot in the second half.

But no matter what they did, the Ravens street tough defense kept coming back and making plays.

For every big Herbert scramble run, there were sacks.
For every Allen key catch, there were dropped passes.

And the Ravens intense defense was like a homewrecker in the house.  The sacks, the pressures, the blitzes, the big hits on the QBs, and the takeaways, 4-times in all.

It was so lopsided so early, the Bolts were lucky it was not a blowout before halftime.  The Chargers defense kept slowing down Jackson, his receivers and the power run backs.  But there were awful stretches.

The Ravens had run off 53-snaps to the Chargers 29 by the middle of the 3rd quarter.  It was like they were in the Chargers end of the field all night long.  In one segment the Chargers had run 18-plays for 49-yards.  They wasted a 16-play drive, ended on a brutal hit on the QB.

The battering wiped out some impressive things beyond the Keenan Allen 14-catch night.  Herbert had a electric 35-yard run.  Darious Davis hauled a punt back 30-yards.  And the Chargers caused Lamar Jackson alot of heart burn with their pressure.

All for naught.

At least there won’t be complaints about Brandon Staley’s defense.  The offense, it seems like they are running out of players with so many guys banged up.

When it was over, it’s apparent the Chargers playoff hopes are over at (4-7) and half the world seems infront of them in the wildcard race.

Baltimore has arrived, and you can put them up against Kansas City-Buffalo and probably Miami.

Their games are ugly, violent, physical force, almost like a street fight, thanks to their defense and the run game they employ with their quarterback.

The Chargers, just another lost season, in the pile of seasons on a team owned by the failure of the Spanos-led franchise.

The elite are found on top of the world (Ravens).  The bottom of the AFC-barrel (Chargers) located on the equator.

Quite a distance between the good and bad, regardless of how hard the Chargers played Sunday night.


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