1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “CHARGERS = FAILURE”

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I don’t know what I would tell Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen.

These spectacular Sunday efforts we have seen from the quarterback and the wide receiver are remarkable, especially when you consider what the Chargers have and don’t have around them in the lineup.

Herbert rallies the Bolts 3-times back into Sunday’s game with the Lions.  He threw for (323Y), tossed 4-TD passes. He took 6-hits and had 6-pressures but could not get them the win

Allen, who rocketed over the 10,000 yard mark in receptions last week, went off for (11) catches and (175Y) and 2-more TDs.

And what did it get them, walking off the field with another last second loss, this (41-38) loss to the nasty Detroit Lions.

Like I projected on Friday, this game was going to turn into a ‘rock fight’ and it did.  Big plays.  Big penalties.  Lots heavy hits.

And like we have seen on so many Sundays over the last 3-Brandon Staley led seasons, another late Chargers loss.

Big play after big play.  Blown assignments.  Weak coverage.  Huge conversions on 3rd and 4th down Lions plays, that fueled drives.

No run defense as witnessed by the (193Y) rushing from David Montgomery and Jamyrh Gibbs.

No ability to stop big plays, including a 75Y-TD run and passes of 20-and-41 yards on the final drive of the game.

No pass rush of Lions QB-Jared Goff, who threw for (333) and was pressured just 1-time in the game.  So much for all that money paid to Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack.

When Detroit was done, they had 15-plays of plus 10-yards…and 9-plays of plus 20 including pass plays of 41-and-42 yards and that 75Y-TD run.

It was entertaining, the combined (954Y) total offense.

Tons of big penalties too, including 4-major flags on the Lions that let the Bolts back into the game.

It was a fascinating TV broadcast with Tony Romo, predicting the Lions could be a Super Bowl team.  He also continued to wonder out loud how a great talent like Justin Herbert could only be a .500-record quarterback in the NFL.

It’s a simple explanation.

John Spanos and Tom Telesco have not been able to make the right decision on player acquisitions on defense.  The 31st or 32nd ranking in most categories on defense tells that story.

Way too young in the pass defense.  Not enough quality play from linebackers in coverage.  The people who let veterans like Bryce Callahan and Dru Tranquil leave as free agents.

The same decision makers that paid a bum like JC Jackson some 31M-for 9-games before dumping him on the Patriots.

And as the TV camera shined into the Chargers owners booth, we see an aging Dean Spanos, looking like his late father, eternally pissed off, watching his team dig a hole in the playoff race. Dean, tough crap.

Feel so bad for Herbert-and-Allen.

The rest of it is a mess.

And yes there was alot of Hawaiian Blue in the stadium on Sunday, a huge amount of people deported from Detroit, showed up at So Fi Stadium.

This is what (4-5) looks like.  Front office mistakes smells like.  The scoreboard says you are what your record says you are, (0-4) this year against good teams on the schedule.  The Bolts, in trouble big time.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “CHARGERS = FAILURE””

  1. Robert Nance says:

    I was there. I am a former fan, that was invited by a Charger season ticket holder. I didn’t have a dog in this fight so I was not at all disappointed. And as you mentioned, the Chargers defense is terrible. It is all around terrible but especially against the run. I took a couple of beer breaks and I don’t remember any Lion’s punts.

  2. Garrett Kuehn says:

    As easy as it is to put the blame on the ‘defensive genius’ Brandon Staley for this mess, he was praised for his work with the Rams and rightly so. So what happened? You’ve nailed it Hacksaw! John Spanos and Tom Telesco have not been able to make the right decision on player acquisitions. Reviewing the players who were picked in each round after the Charger selections in 2023, one has to asked who are the scouts making these decisions?
    Zay Flowers, Jordan Addison Dalton Kincaid, come to mind.
    And where were the trades to make up for voids this year at the trade deadline?
    Telesco needs to go, like many coordinators who make poor coaches, this guy has shown nothing in all the years he’s been here but mediocrity.

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