1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers Get Lucky-Still in Playoffs”

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“Chargers–Refuse to Lose”


The Chargers are still in the playoff race, thanks to the play of QB-Justin Herbert…his running back Austin Ekeler…defensive end Joey Bosa and the Bolts defensive front.

Oh and thanks to the battered Denver Broncos, Covid, and the pitiful play calls of head coach Vic Fangio.  And thanks to bad losses by the Ravens and Miami, the Chargers still have some playoff hopes

The Chargers won (34-13) in a rather ugly game, but that is the way the Broncos play these days, lots of offense, a running game, and the hope they can hit a big play.

Get your Dixon #3 pencil out with the big eraser.  Remove Philip Rivers name from the record book and write in Justin Herbert.  He threw his 34th and 35th TD passes, breaking Rivers’ single season passing record.  He finished with a pedestrian (237Y) passing.

Eckeler gave him (112) all purpose yards in the win.  The Bolts got (104Y) rushing along the way.

Bosa was everywhere on Sunday, with 2-pressures,2-tackles for losses, a QB hit and around QB-Drew Lock all day.

Kick returner Andre Roberts started the game with a 47-yard return…ended the game with a 100-yard TD return, something not seen in years.

It was a wild day for other Chargers.  Derwin James had 2-pressures, a tackle for loss, and 2-dropped passes that could have been picks.

Asante Samuel, the rookie CB, continues to make plays and give up plays.  His ledger read 2-penalties, 3-passes allowed and a tackle for loss.

The same for streaky CB-Michael Davis, a tackle for loss and 3-passes allowed.

The Bolts can also be thankful for getting the Broncos this week on the schedule.  Riddled by Covid issues all over the roster, they canceled 1-full practice, had walk thrus on others, and limped into the game with backup QB-Drew Lock and missing a chunk of their wideout crew

And Coach Vic Fangio, who could be fired, made enough bad play calls to deserve big time criticism.  The last time they met, the Broncos pounded the ball and ran the Chargers out of Denver with a loss.

On Sunday, Fangio went away from the run early, exposed Lock to big time hits and pressures.

His 4th down play calls killed drives.  They failed on 4th down plays at the 1-44-47 and fumbled at the 50.  They could have been in the game had they made any of those plays.

Fangio has a mess at quarterback. with the oft-injured Teddy Bridgewater, and the streak show that is Lock.  He is (1-10) against the Chiefs and Raiders.  He is (1-9) against the AFC-West over two years.

As a head coach, he is a pretty good defensive coordinator.

So the Chargers head to Las Vegas next Sunday for the ‘must win’ game of the season against the Raiders, who have climbed out of the the mess created by Jon Gruden.  They are both (9-7), with the winner getting the wildcard slot and a road playoff game at Tennessee-Cincinnati or maybe Buffalo.  Think it will be hostile, really hostile, next Sunday, you bet.

A bunch of people refused to lose wearing Lightning Bolt helmets on Sunday.  A bad Denver team allowed this loss.  And other key AFC teams did lose.  So for 24-hours the Chargers got lucky.

Win and you’re in next weekend. because Justin Herbert refused to lose.



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