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Chargers GM-Talks NFL Draft and His Team”




This is NFL draft week…32-teams…on the clock..working from home.

The Bolts will have another high draft pick, #6, after a miserable (5-11) season

Tom Telesco-Chargers-GM…..Pre Draft Press conference comments.


Day 30-working from home…was a challenge to get used to initially.
.Love idea of draft and telethon for Covid 19…Red Cross-Feeding America will be our charities.

Pandemic..Changed way analyze players-it was normal till after the combine…we got that in-thank God

A lot of incomplete workout information on players later rounds
We don’t have workout numbers to compare…apples to apples
End result-we have enough information for this draft for key players

We have met with our coaches and scouts has gone smoothly remotely

We are not immune to the pandemic-everyone doing well in our organization
Hoag Hospital helped us a lot with tests once people became ill.

Too Tagovailoa…Will not talk specific players….but Injury history is concern for any draft pick player-over 330-players at combine-we have enough medical information on all players…we do projections on injury risk of players-we are not missing medical information on  key players.

Virtual draft-It will impact dealing during draft..Doing NFL mock draft on Monday..if working with 1-team on trade-won’t be different…if you are phone with different teams-might be bit of unknown if working with different teams.

There are 50-people involved in a draft and I need to keep all people involved in the loop from remote locations…we have done mock drafts in the past-so we have to work as a well oiled machine..

We left our building on March 17th…our COO Jeanie Bonk was planning for these possibilities….Working at home-we do constant Emailing to other people…We will have extra secure phone lines.

So Fi Stadium situation..have not thought about it…draft first..then what mini camps-OTAs might be like….not gotten to stadium situation.

This draft…. position by position deepest in years, a lot of good players.  We are trying to build a team that fits together-draft is different for every team but we all have the same rules.

Analysis of QBs in draft..it is strong draft-don’t look at just the top of the draft at that position..QBs taken in first four rounds could all play…young QBs come in and play early now which is good for the league.

Draft board-it changes as teams take players…I have NFL draft board on screen that shows every team and every pick taken and what’s left available….We have our draft board via our priorities I will have on another computer

Evaluate classroom-board work on Zoom…our coaches jumped into this-do video with players..whiteboard work with prospects…we have not lost much prep with the players..there are constraints from the league though time-wise…3-video sessions…1-hour each.

Evaluate very strong-very deep first round….we go thru every scenario of what could happen in the opening round…we have priorities for the 1st and 2nd round picks in place…we have set our board

Doing virtual classroom work right now…but if we don’t have on field access to our draft picks, it will hurt them.  Players are having tough time finding workout places, where to run, throw, lift weights.

Concerned about condition the players will be in when they come back-players have had to be creative working out individually.

Returning to work-will feel comfortable when medical professionals tell us what to do.

Our free agents…Chris Harris can play corner and slot corner….Bryan Bulaga will play RT…Sam Tavi and Forrest Lamp are options at LT

Left tackles-right tackles in college, have to be able to pass protect…play edges…have to have ‘left tackle feet’ to play in this league…Difference in tackles have changed…Think right and left side tackles need same skills..

Evaluate played from small colleges, like USD talent, can hit jackpot for 5th-6th-7th round…you look for an NFL traits…we have tape on every player regardless where they played…we might visit small colleges in fall..then go back in the spring to see them again…hardest gauge players speed at level of competition….did not have spring access to smaller college players.

Difference with out players now than lockout in 2011…players then had places to go workout and get ready…here, they are limited.

We don’t know what will happen down the road…we will plan for OTAs and minicamps but we don’t know anything…we are drafting right now as if training camp will start on time.

There is a great unknown because we don’t have face to face contact with prospective draft picks.  We need players with drive-motivation to workout on their own and be ready.  We can’t give them instruction on techniques

Injury information-we have a lot…we try to predict out the risk down the road for players who have had major injuries…players have to be able to stay on the field…it is part of our draft process.

Experience in Indianapolis evaluating Andrew Luck help you with decision you have to make on a QB next week….we use the same process each year..did with the Colts and Chargers-discuss talk evaluate, like we have an empty roster with no players on it…nothing different over the years.

Chargers-Cam Newton on your radar…we are happy with Tyrod Taylor-experienced…knows offense..has taken a team to the playoffs…we have Easton Stick to develop….all of our preparations are on the draft…will address free agents after the draft.

Mike Pouncey is trending in the right direction coming off neck injury…all indications look good right now…but we have not had access to him…Doctors have not cleared him yet.


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