1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers–Losersville”

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“Chargers Football–Losersville”


Where do you begin to detail how bad the Chargers losing ways are right now.

If it were still our franchise, the grief, the angst, the anger, the ache would be monumental in San Diego.

For those that still care here, this hurts.  For the bulk of the fans left behind, the feeling towards Team Spanos is ‘screw you’..

The history book shows this team having blown leads of 10-11-16-17-17 and now 21-points this year, as last place welcomes them at (2-5).

They have now lost games to horrid teams, Carolina at home, and lowly Denver on the road, so what does that make the Bolts?

The Chargers, who in the Anthony Lynn era, have made ‘blowing leads’ a cottage industry, did it again, losing to a substandard Denver Broncos team (31-30) on a TD pass with (:01) left.

Young QB-Drew Lock, suffering thru injuries, and alot of the issues QB-Justin Herbert is dealing with, drove his team for 2-TDs and a field goal, 3-drives in the final 10-minutes of the game for the Broncos win.

Herbert strung together another solid NFL rookie quarterback day, throwing for (278Y)…tossing 3TDs…but also being picked off twice.  He did most of it without much of a running game.  He was good enough to get the Bolts a (24-3) lead.

The problems remain the same for the Chargers.  The inability to hold a lead.  The consistent failures on pass defense.  And costly penalties.

Lock never gave up, but as the Chargers defense wilted, they tried to survive without Melvin Ingram, battling the knee injury, and then Joey Bosa, out with a concussion.

The Broncos kid QB, who has had two injuries in the parts of two seasons he has quarterbacked the Orange and Blue, took his team on drives of 70-75-80-81 yards for the win.

That’s alot of quality execution to put those yards and points on the board, when you are digging out of a (24-3) hole.

The Chargers team photo should be an ‘X-ray’.  They have so many people hurt.

But the 4th quarter, they were lining up a secondary that featured Brandon Facyson..Tevaughn Campbell…Nassir Adderly and Michael Davis.   Maybe that would work in the Mid-American Conference but this is the NFL.

Desmond King was MIA, not active, with might be a Covid issue or at least a discipline hissue.  Casey Hayward is no longer what he used to be, a shutdown corner.  For every interesting play Davis makes, he gives up alot of pass completions.  He can run but that is about all.  Life without the injured Derwin James and the hurt Chris Harris adds more issues.

Anthony Lynn’s postgame press conference went (5:35) in length.  He gave the typical coachspeak.  “This is unacceptable”….”I am sorry for the fans”….”I take full responsibility”….”We’re not winning so yes my job should be in question”….”It’s too soon to make changes on my staff”

The guy who replaced another loser, Mike McCoy, is putting a loser of a product on the field, on an almost weekly basis.

Since their last playoff game, Lynn’s team has gone (7-17), that with Philip Rivers trying to win games the last two seasons, and now with a gifted Justin Herbert putting up impressive numbers.

Gus Bradley was a highly respected defensive coordinator once upon a time.  Got head coaching job in Jacksonville, got fired, came to San Diego with Lynn, but is failing now.

For all the coaching this supposed staff does weekly, it does not look like the teaching of young players has had any positive effect.

Lynn may not want to fire Bradley, but last year’s lousy season, followed by this year’s lousy blown leads, must raise a new question.  Where does the buck stop?  Who is to blame?

Maybe Anthony Lynn isn’t a good head coach, and this is deeper than a shaken defensive coordinator, or too many young players.

As Bill Parcells would say, you are what your record says you are.

And Chargers football (7-17) since January 2019, isn’t good at all.

They left the 619-Area Code, to go to Los Angeles, or as some fans would say “Lost Angeles”.

Life in last place is hard, when your mail is being sent to  “Losersville”


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers–Losersville””

  1. John says:

    Well Lee they should have never left the 619. Yes, screw Spanos!

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      I root for Justin Herbert
      I root against Spanos
      Our community has never been the same since the owner showed such disloyalty to the fans

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