1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers Losing….Head Coach Lost”

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Chargers Losing…Head Coach Lost”


Anthony Lynn is coaching himself into the NFL unemployment line.

His team is (3-8) this season.  They have lost 20-of-28 games dating back to the end of the 2019 season.

If not now blowing big leads, they get blown out, as exampled by yesterday’s 18-point deficit to the Buffalo Bills, a loss caused by a sea of mistakes from the coach and the players.

Justin Herbert and Joey Bosa cannot win these games by themselves.  The coach has shown the ability to make so many mistakes in game management of the clock and down and distance and playcalls, you wonder if he deserves any more time to coach the troubled team.

HMS Lightning Bolt was like a troubled boat in the waters right off Lake Ontario, taking on water everywhere, with a stoic coach making mistake upon mistake, complicated by mistakes by his players.

Pick any and all off the Sunday afternoon menu in Buffalo and see  this is an example of a (3-8) team, who probably cannot save his job now, no matter what philosophy he waxes in his Monday press conference.

..Gerry Tiller 2-personal fouls..blow to head of QB and facemask
..Denzel Perryman helmet hit personal foul
..12-on the field penalty
..Missed extra point
..Allowing 38-26-43Y-kickoff returns
..Bringing a kickoff out of the end zone to the 11-yard line
..Wasting (:15) end of first half on scoring drive-then burning timeout punt
..Burning timeout on 4th and 3-rather than kick FG
..Running the ball twice from the 2-yard line with (:15) left in game
..Offensive pass interference at 1-yard line wiping out 55-yard pass
..Burned on a Buffalo wide receiver option TD pass
..Throwing interception into double coverage killing drive
..Running Aaron Ekeler on the goal-line rather than the tougher Josh Kelly
..Trying to QB-sneak Herbert on a 4th and 2.
..Not targeting Keenan Allen-Mike Williams for long periods in game.
..Not going for a FG early on the final drive-so you could onside kick and try for a game winning TD if you got possession again.

The Chargers spent the entire day running uphill, trying to dig out from an 18-point deficit they created with the lousy playcalls, coaching and execution in the opening half.

Under-seige QB-Justin Herbert threw for (316) and a score.  Austin Ekeler came off the IR to have over 110-all purpose yards.  Joey Bosa may have had his best day in years with 2-sacks, 4-tackles for losses and a pressure.

But the Chargers are porous.  RT-Trey Pipkens gave up 2-sacks.  C-Dan Feeney got beat badly on a sack.  RB-Josh Kelly missed a block and saw his QB get crushed.  The no name secondary kept getting beat.

The Bills tried to self-destruct too with 3-turnovers in an 8-play span, and they too were guilty of major personal foul penalties.

But in the end, Buffalo went to (8-3) and the Chargers got on the plane dragging behind that (3-8) record and an obviously beaten down psyche and a defeated coach.

Nobody in their 4th year as a head coach like Anthony Lynn should be struggling to make the right decisions, instead making these kinds of mistakes Sunday-by-Sunday.

Injuries are one reason for losing.  Incompetence, coaching incompetence is another too.  He already fired Ken Whisenhunt a year ago as his Off Coord.  He just axed special teams coach George Stewart. And yet the problems carry on.

When do we reach the front door of the coach, as being the problem.

Take control of the damn team.  Be decisive.  Call the timeouts at the right time.  Know what play should be called if its 4th and 1.  Be ahead of the curve instead of acting like you are always behind the power curve.

Paychecks are delivered the 1st and 15th of the month.  Anthony Lynn’s may come with a pink-slip soon.

He’s not the only problem of what ails the Chargers.  But he is a problem ailing this team.


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