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“Chargers Mid-Season Report Card”


They’ve stumbled to the mid-season break with a (4-5) record, well below what most of us thought the would be.  Their playoff hopes are behind the 8-ball right now, with so many tough games upcoming.a season still in jeopardy.  Despite the impressive dominant win over the Packers, it’s the only complete game they have played.  The future of the Hall Fame quarterback still in doubt, and the knowledge the franchise has failed in its move to Los Angeles, still haunts them..

A mid-season evaluation of where the Chargers are in 2019 at the mid-season point of the NFL schedule.

DEAN SPANOS…If you thought the color Black & Gold was overwhelming in your futbol stadium when the Steelers were in town, you saw all the Green & Gold with the Packers weekend.think about next weekend.   A Silver & Black Sunday is coming, and so is a Purple Viking day too?  Ownership made a monumental mistake moving to Los Angeles, as witnessed by the total lack of fans support and the upcoming embarrassment that when you play in the new stadium next year, the Rams will likely draw 65,000 per game and the Chargers will draw 25,000 per game.  Could have-should have stayed in San Diego.  Could have been revered for building the new stadium, reviled instead by family greed. Grade (F) as a person and professional.

TOM TELESCO….Responsible for putting together a good roster and winning.  Not responsible for the siege of injuries.  Will never know how good this team would be since a stupid holdout by Melvin Gordon and losing 12-players in 8-weeks to injury and illness wrecked team potential.  Only gripe, crosstown Rams make player moves like trading for people like Jalen Ramsey-Dante Fowler, the Chargers sign street free agents from Oberlin and Buffalo and don’t show any boldness to do something over the top. Grade (B)

JOHN SPANOS…Vice President of something, has totally disappeared in public.  I guess the last name makes it hard for him to have any credibility in public.  But give credit, part of group that scouted the likes of good young talent on the roster.  Grade (C).

COACHING…Cannot argue with Anthony Lynn career record since taking over the Chargers (25-18).  Victim of injuries and contract disputes.  Thought  he had two of best coordinators, Whisenhunt-Bradley, anyone could have on his staff, but then he fired Whisenhunt last week in what seemed to be a scapegoat move.  Don’t think special teams coach should still be on the job.  Tough to win when you have half a roster hurt.  Like the approach-even keel attitude-but his demands too.  Grade (B).

QUARTERBACK…Philip Rivers looks like he is aging.  A lot more series this year with poor results.  Never thought I’d see stretches of games where this quarterback would be (5-for-15) passing, or have 1-first down in 28-minute stretch.  Awful lot of turnovers in key games too, trying to force things.  Best QB in league to never win anything, sadly this is the way his career will finish out.  Enjoy him while he is still here, for when he is gone, the Chargers become Buffalo without the snow-cold, Jacksonville without the heat-humidity.  Grade (A)

RUNNING BACK…Potential to be good or great, became garbage with Melvin Gordon holdout.  He can play on my team as the backup to Austin Ekeler, who was going great guns till Gordon ended the holdout and came to camp.  Now no run game.  Hate to see Justin Jackson get hurt, for he was giving team tough guy dimension.  Maybe they should trade Gordon for a high pick and add assets rather than hassle again on a contract.  Grade (C)..should have been better.

WIDE RECEIVERS….When healthy, strong group.  When not healthy, dropped passes and substandard games.  Think Kennan Allen as underrated a tough guy as their is, but cannot do this buy himself.  Want to see more of Mike Williams on crossing routes and out patterns, rather than just jump ball football.  Hunter Henry excellent-just has to stay on the field.  Travis Benjamin, too many drops, give the money back.  Let the kid Andre Patton have a chance, maybe he’s an Edelman or Amendola. Grade (B)

OFFENSIVE LINE…Losing Russell Okung for half a season and now Mike Pouncey for a whole season is devastating.  We’ll never know how good Forrest Lamp would be because he has had 3-major injuries in 3-years.  Dan Feeney struggling with all position moves, Sam Tavi solid.  Mike Schofield just a guy.  Trey Pipkins-let him play and learn.  Grade (C)

DEFENSIVE FRONT…When healthy, the team of Joey Bosa-Melvin Ingram are active.  Bosa has chunks of games he owns, but then disappears other weekends. When not, no hope of making plays.  Uchenna Nwosu makes some plays.  Inside tackles haven’t stopped the run for two years.  Learning curve season for 1st round pick Jerry Tillery going okay.  Anybody seen Issac Rochelle from a year ago? Grade (C)

LINEBACKER…Thomas Davis has not been a difference maker.  Waiting for Kyzir White-Drew Tranquile to step up and make plays Sunday by Sunday.  The veterans Denzel Perryman-Jatavis Brown no longer dominant. Collectively group is weak.  Grade (D)

SECONDARY…Losing Derwin James was devastating, he made plays everywhere.  Then the fast developing trustworthy Adrian Phillips went down.  Casey Hayward has had as many bad plays and what few good plays.  The athlete Michael Davis can run, but can’t cover.  Desmond King has regressed and is poorly rated now as a corner.  Never saw second round pick Nassir Adderly, now on IR, so it has been a lost season. Rayshawn Jenkins may turn out fine, and the same with Rod Teamer, but this is a learning curve season for young players, and young players keep making mistakes.   Grade (D)

KICKING…Just get a scary feeling next kick will be a bad kick, but Bolts are not alone, since it seems half the league has field goal issues.  Oh Canada-Ty Long has been okay punting, and thought he would merit longer look on field goals considering all he did for BC Lions. Michael Badgley one good game, but there’s lots more to play.  Is the position trustworthy?  Grade (C)

RETURN GAME…Desmond King makes some plays on returns then botches some plays on return.  Has to be him since they gave up on Travis Benjamin after two years of mistakes.  Just okay should not be okay.  Andre Patton ready for this?  Need some explosion there.  Grade (C)

SUMMARY….Remember we still have to watch the Chargers take on the Chiefs twice, the Raiders twice, play in Denver, play the Vikings  and go back East to Jacksonville.  So there is a lot of football to still be played, but this is a hole they have dug. Considering what the record is, has to be disappointing, considering they did not have to face Andrew Luck-Ben Roethlisberger.  I think playing “16 road games a year” is wearing this team down.  No home field advantage, you left that behind when you screwed the fans in San Diego.

13-different categories graded…..  Last year mid season GPA was (2.75)…almost a “B”.

This year GPA (2.07)…just a shade above a “C”, and you know who is still left on the schedule.


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