1-Man’s Opinion on Sports- Monday. “Chargers-Rams Wins–What Does It Mean?”

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“Chargers-Rams-Big Wins”


Statement Games
Signature Victories
Serving Notice Super Bowl runs over.

Some Sunday we had in the NFL

The Chargers staged a duel of ‘on the edge’ football in their statement game win at Arrowhead Stadium over Kansas City.

The Rams delivered a knockout blow to the Tampa Bay Bucs, last seen wearing a Super Bowl crown.

The wins say more about the victors than it does about the losers.

Justin Herbert’s big time throws, coach Brandon Staley’s brass-balls play calls, and a relentless defense got the Chargers the win.

Matthew Stafford came out throwing and never let up while Tom Brady and Tampa Bay never caught up.

Just think about all this.  The Bolts and Rams are both (3-0).  The Chiefs are (1-2) and Tampa Bay no longer looks invincible.

The Chargers kept hitting big plays, 12-plays of 10-yards or more when they needed it the most.  The defense came up with 2-fumbles, 2-interceptions, and capitalized on sloppy Chiefs plays.  On top of that, the Bolts shut the Kansas City crowd up when momentum continued to swing.

And Staley showed brass going for it 3-times on 4th down plays.

The Bolts survived two more ‘illegal shift’ calls that wiped out another TD and voided another big yardage play.  They survived two missed point after kicks., and a lousy 25Y punt.

But what they did do was force turnovers and take the ball away at their own 3-15-29 and 41-yard lines.  Kansas City was moving the ball so well, they could have had 4-more TDs in the game if they had not been so careless.  It might be called self inflicted KC wounds, or maybe they just got mugged.

The Rams roared from the start, and made Brady and the Bucs walk the plank in a really lopsided loss.

Stafford went off for (343Y) passing…4TDs and sprayed big passing plays to DeSean Jackson (3R-120Y) and Cooper Kupp (9R-96Y).

Aaron Donald and his defensive friends rocked Brady, hit Brady, forced the offense into 1-dimension by denying the run game.  Brady may have thrown for (432Y) but he tossed 1-TD pass and the Bucs got blistered by everything the Rams did.

The amazing performances of the coaches has to be noticed.  Staley and Joe Lombardi’s dynamic play calling shows the utter incompetence of last year’s coach Anthony Lynn.

Sean McVay, who has had 7-key assistant coaches taken off his staff in off season hirings, continues to import the right people to create the Xs-Os for his newly minted star quarterback replacing the old disappointing one Jared Goff.

Philosophies-easy to read.  Play fast, get there in a foul mood, make big plays on both sides of the ball.

What happened Sunday counts for only one win.  There are still 14-more of these games to be played, but the Chargers-Rams win served notice to the nation, Herbert and his coach operated as Mad Scientists.  Stafford and his high octane offense are something to be reckoned with.

Big wins for sure, but bigger signature events and statements made by the Lightning Bolt and the Rams horns.



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