1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers-This-That-Some of the Other”

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“This That and Some of the Other”


CHARGERS….They feel good about having beaten Denver lat Thursday. Now the question, can they duplicate that ‘my hair’s on fire effort’ going to Atlanta….The Falcons lost (got screwed) in Seattle, but QB-Matt Ryan lit up the Seahawks secondary for (335Y-3TD)

No one is talking but they should be concerned. CB-Brandon Flowers has had 3-concussion incidents in about 2-and-half years since coming to the Chargers.

Joey Bosa is everything as advertised and more. Explosive off the ball, lightning quick on stunts and scrape moves, high energy chasing down plays. Wish he had been here the first four weeks of the season on defense. Think they would not be in last place.

Jatavious Brown looks like a find. He and Denzel Perrryman seem to be cut from the same cloth, fast, lively, physical, though neither real good in pass coverage in the flat.

Dan Fouts is in the Hall of Fame, and now Philip Rivers has surpassed all his records. Can you say Canton when he is retired from San Diego?

The numbers don’t show up in stat sheets, but Melvin Gordon sticks his nose in it on blitz blocking. Huge improvement and now more reliable. Now if only he could stop the odd-fumbling.

Something really strange about punt returner Travis Benjamin, who averaged 11-yards everytime he touched the ball in Cleveland hauling kicks back. Lost his confidence? Lost his courage? Has misplayed two punts and let 3-others roll by him creating horrid field position. This isn’t a Jacoby Jones issue again is it?

The AFC West race is still within reach. Denver has offensive line problems. Kansas City rallied with a big win on the road. The Raiders got knocked off at home. Of course the Chargers have to prove they can beat those people in the division, but they do get the Chiefs and Raiders here later on the schedule.

You wonder if defensive coordinators have caught up with how to defend current Broncos QB-Trevor Siemian. Productivity is dropping. Ditto for ex-Broncos QB-Brock Osweiler, playing poorly in Houston now, with that 18M a year contract around his neck. He did rally the Texans vs the Colts, but that might habe been a by-product of how bad the Colts defense is.

So what will this week be like for Mike McCoy? Despite the Broncos win, and that was a pretty impressive showing against the Broncos, but the columnists and talkshow radio aren’t buying anything. They continue to bang on McCoy and his staff for lots of game management issues.

McCoy had the weekend off. Wonder if he had the chance to see the brassy “go for it on 4th down calls” by Sean Payton in New Orleans. McCoy took exception to my question about “letting it rip and getting bold on plays calls, 3rd and short, 4th and short. Nothing to lose really. If the losing continues, he loses his job. He doesn’t deserve job security. The Chargers deserve a chance to keep winning, even if it means going against the book


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