1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday ‘CHARGERS-VIKINGS…COACHES WIN-LOSE’

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1-team won despite its head coach.
The other team lost because of its coaches.

The outcome of the Chargers win in Minnesota, in a bizarre afternoon.

Brandon Staley going for it and failing on a 4th and 1-at his own 25-yard line, rather than punting the ball deep into Minnesota territory, where the Vikings would have to start a drive near Duluth with no timeouts left and little time left.

Kevin O’Connell with poor clock management, failing to use a lst down to spike the ball that would have given him 3-snaps from the Chargers goaline even with no time outs left.

And then there was Vikes defensive coordinator Brian Flores, devising a game plan to let the Chargers throw underneath all day, moved up and down the field, and eventually get the ball into the end zone.

It was a bizarre day across the NFL, and never so more in the Twins Cities.

The Bolts get a win they had to have, but are (1-2).  Minnesota in a deep crater at (0-3)

Salute Justin Herbert, playing pitching and catch with open wideouts all day.  He finished (40-of-47) for 405Y-3-TD.  He threw it and Keenan Allen caught it, 18-receptions for (215Y).  Add in Mike Williams (7R-121Y) and it was an up and down the field day for the Bolts, in a game they could have lost.

McConnell’s QB-Kirk Cousins had a wild day, yes (367Y-3TD) passing and his star in the making Justin Jefferson went off for (7R-149), but the play calls all day were strange.  Pounding the ball all day with Alex Mattison, then stopping the run to expose an immobile Cousins to a pass rush.

4-sacks and 7-hits later, I bet the Minesota coach will get sick looking at the film.  They really never protected the QB, and why not shorten the game and keep Herbert off the field.

Minnesota kept messing up all day.  They stalled on downs at the Bolts one.  They fumbled at the Bolts 25.  They had the end zone interception on the final snap, when they could have had maybe 3-more plays than one rushed play.  Cousins had two receivers open for TDs, and overthrew one, had another tip off a receivers hand.

They played so poorly, they deserved to lose, and those fans wearing purple had every right to boo.  Poor star Justin Jefferson, you catch passes of 22-25-33-52-yards and your team loses.

There were some good outings and some bad days too.

Rookie DE-Tui Tuipulotu 2-Pressures..2-QB hits..QB sack.  The USC kid-has it.
LB-Kenneth Murray Interceptions-tackle for loss..4-receptions allowed
CB-Asante Samuel allowed 5-receptions and TD
CB-Mike Davis 2-penalties-4 receptions allowed and a TD
S-Alois Gilman..fumble recovery..forced fumble..TD allowed
DT-Sebastian Joseph Day..pressure-sack..tackle for loss
DT-Morgan Fox..Pressure and QB sack

The Bolts never let CB-JC Jackson on the field-sure does not look like they have confidence in him any longer.\

Of course there is no Austin Ekeler and add on the knee injury-what looked to be a hyperextension to Mike Williams  and Derwin James-hamstring, there were losses despite the win.

So the Chargers come home still suspect in lots of the areas of their game.  The Vikings leadership, coach and QB, look messy right now.

Just a day in the life of an NFL team..  1-in real trouble, the other not looking like they are a playoff contender yet.

You can thank Brandon Staley and Kevin O’Connell for those storylines.

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