1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday ‘COLLEGE FOOTBALL–CHAOS & CONTROVERSY”

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It has been a spectacular year in college football and now it is engulfed in controversy as they  head towards the Bowl season.

In a wild finish to the season, we wound up with 8-quality teams fighting for 4-playoff spots.

A year from today, the post season would be a 12-team tournament, but that won’t help out this year.

There are firsts that spun out of control as the Committee got ready for the Sunday selections.

They decided a conference champion, who was unbeaten, would not be chosen.  They have not stopped screaming across the Florida panhandle.  Fans in Tallahassee are saying ‘shove it’ after their Seminoles were not chosen despite the (13-0) season they had.

Georgia which has owned the SEC the last two years, fell out of the race by virtue of their loss to Alabama, and the rage was palpable too in Athens over a team that had a 29-game winning streak snapped in the final seconds by the much hated Alabama Crimson Tide.

Falling by the wayside too was Ohio State, which lost to Michigan two weeks ago, the only blemish on an otherwise great season.  Oregon ran roughshod over everyone, not named Washington, and they tailed off too.

Michigan and the arrogant Jim Harbaugh, red hot Washington, with its game changing QB-Michael Penix is in, as is all things Nick Saban-Alabama and the explosive Steve Sarkasian-Texas led Longhorns and QB-Quinn Ewers.

The columnists across the country are going crazy, writing analysis of what just happened.  Talk show radio should be crackling this week with opinions.

The committee was really strong in its stance of why all this happened.

They are ticketed with putting the four best teams in those bowl games, not teams with wins alone, or teams with historical tradition,  but teams who won against great schedules, teams that were healthy.

And that’s the issue.  Florida State had 2-QBs go down and were not very competitive the last two Saturday’s.  It became a big issue.

FSU is furious, calling it an outrage.

Georgia is steamed because no one respected their full body of work over a (29-1) splurge over two years.

Alabama said they earned this trip.
Michigan’s coach was suspended twice and yet his team kept winning
Texas’ win in Tuscaloosa carried alot of clout
Washington steamrolled everyone they played in a very tough Pac 12.

The bowl matchups will be fun, especially with the Orange Bowl clash of the shunned Seminoles vs the Georgia Bulldogs.

The weird matchup, because of the Group of 5-rule including one team, has a Fiesta Bowl game, Oregon vs tiny Liberty (13-0).

If there ever was a year when you wished for a 12-team playoff, this would have been it, considering not just who got in, but who was right on the outer edge.

Next year we won’t have a Pac 12.  Alot of teams will have new mailing addresses.  The bowl setup will look very different.

A year of chaos, surrounded by great QB play nationwide.  The playoff games should be electric, worth watching, considering how the end of the season became so chaotic.


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