1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Dodgers-Chargers-Aztecs–Wins-Losses-Opinions”

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The DODGERS have an off day on Monday.  This emotional tug-of-war World Series has had alot of roller-coaster ups and downs attached to it.

Mookie Betts spectacular plays, the big at-bats and the big catches by Clay Bellinger, the clutch hitting of Justun Turner, the blazing hot postseason of Corey Seager. The fierce gambles on the basepaths.  The mistakes in the field too.

And then there is Dave Roberts, the manager, and the future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw and the once proud closer Kenley Jansen.  Roberts is being second guessed constantly about his handling-mishandling of his starters, his bullpen and his closers.

The Saturday Night Massacre will er forever tied around neck, stapled to his resume if the Dodgers wind up losing the Fall Classic to the Rays.

You know the drills.  You stayed too long with Kershaw>  How can you trust Jansen?  Why a bullpen day? Are you sure you should use Joe Kelly?  What about Graterol?  Are you overtaxing Treinhen?  And it goes on and on.

The Rays are a team that finds a way to stay in it, so this thing is never over.  Time still for more big plays, exciting innings, and lots of second guessing.


The AZTECS opener was pretty impressive, as they got better and better as the game went on, that sand-blasting of a troubled UNLV football team.  it was vintage SDSU football.  Pound the football.  And use our defense to pound the other team’s quarterback.

Picking up where they left off last year when they were 2nd in the nation in scoring defense, 5th in total defense.  They held UNLV to (1-15) on third downs.
…5-sacks…14-tackles for losses…a (424-186) edge in offense.

Yes pretty dominant against a woeful doormat of a Rebels team.  And still room to grow with young QB-Carson Baker-who can scramble, has a strong arm, but just needs alot of live fire reps.

I said SDSU would go (7-0) in the conference.  Think they will with their tough as cement defense and the truckload of running backs they can use all night.


The CHARGERS have to be viewed two different ways.  The quarterback Justin Herbert was dazzling on Sunday, a (347Y) passing day with (68Y) to boot scrambling.  Five starts into his career, so gifted.

The Bolts are wafer thin at wide receiver; have offensive line health issues, and seem deficient in the run game category. The defense is so banged up and so-iffy.  I can’t trust them.

The record is (2-4) on the season with a long way to go.  But understand this, the two teams they beat were the rookie laden Cincinnati Bengals and the grossly undermanned Jacksonville Jaguars.  They could have lost to the Bengals and struggled to put away the Jaguars.  And they gave up lots of yards in their other 3-losses to the Chiefs-Bucs and Saints.

The only thing certain is Herbert is a star in the making.  The rest of the season will tell whether they can be a .500-team or just another sub .500-non playoff squad.


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