1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “Dodgers-Padres–What I Saw-What I Think”

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“Padres-Dodgers–What a Weekend”


It was electric.  It was loud.  It was edgy.  It was controversial.

It was indeed a message that was delivered, that this is a different era in Padres-Dodgers baseball.

Take out 1-bad inning, the 12th inning meltdown on Friday night, when the Padres ran out of pitchers, it was 3-days of playoff like baseball.  Yes LA won 2-of-3 in the series.  Yes the Padres have fallen a bit farther back in the NL West, but they held their own for 29-innings of intense baseball at Petco Park.

If you were keeping score at home,,they started chanting ‘Beat LA’ at 7:05pm on Friday night, 5-minutes before the first pitch, and they were chanting it at 4:25pm on Sunday as the Padres were rallying to win.  We have everything in the series.  The Padres burning thru 10-pitchers in one game.  A bench clearing incident.  Monstrous HRs.  Bold baserunning.  Errors.  Crap umpire strike zones.  Alot of yapping.

Just add water and we have a rivalry renewed.

Observations from Press Row:

DODGERS…The arrogance is still there, and they are off to a (13-3) start, tying the best start of a season ever, with the 1955-Brooklyn Dodgers.

KERSHAW-BAUER-BEUHLER…That’s a pretty good front 3-in the rotation, and the Padres did not even see Julio Urias and Dustin May.  For the record, Kershaw is now (22-7) against the Friars in his career and (178-77) in the major leagues, likely building Hall of Fame credentials.

RIVALRY…Dodgers Blue is now (120-62) vs San Diego over the last decade.

TATIS:  Fernando went (1-for-13) in the series..hit a long HR..showed great restraint swinging the bat, holding both hands on it to limit the torque to protect his injured shoulder.  This will be work in progress.

MANNY:  Machado was hurting on Friday, back, hip, shoulder, but grinded his way thru the game.  He had a good weekend going (6-12) and playing rock solid defense.  That’s what he is supposed to do, lead and produce, for his 30M paycheck.

PROFAR:  What a nice start to the season.  What a pest in the batters box and on the basepaths.  Way to get under LA skin and ignite your own dugout.

MYERS:  Some good, some bad.  Worry about this patella tendon issue in knee.  Killed a couple of rallies taking pitches.

BULLPEN:  They entered the series with a (0.84-ERA), but the group gave up 12-runs in the series.  Worried about over-taxing them.

THE KID:  Ryan Weathers, no fear out there, in that Friday night start.  Stage not too big for him, though he threw alot of pitches, but his toughness to scrap for strikes was impressive.  Showed some real bulldog.

SNELL: His pitch counts continue to be pretty high, he had 78-thru 3-innings on Sunday but he competes like hell out there.  Maybe this is just who he is.

PHAM:  He is struggling and had a (.122) batting average before finally stroking a 2-run double in the 8th inning rally on Sunday.  Finally a hit.  Maybe will be a streak guy.

CAMPUSANO:  The kid catcher is struggling in calling games, as witnessed by all the meetings he has with his pitches on the mound about what to call, what to throw.  Defense seems shaky at times.  Not sure he is ready for everyday duty.

CARATINI:  This is a find behind the plate.  Calls a good game.  Catches virtually everything.  Has the trust of alot of people.

DARVISH:  Dazzling against the Dodgers, giving up just 1-hit to that lineup, but then has a clinker of an inning where he loses homeplate and his stuff goes away, but what stuff when he is on.

MATT STRAHM:  Lousy news, heading to the 60-day DL as he continues to rehab this off season knee surgery.

ADRIAN MOREJON:  Padres not saying the extent of his elbow-forearm injury but seeking a second opinion means they have yet to figure out a game plan.  Rest and rehab, or Plasma Platelet injection, or outright surgery.  An operation is last resort.  An injection takes him out for four weeks.  This may take awhile.

PADDACK:  Rock solid start vs Pirates, but then again that’s lowly Pittsburgh.  See what happens if he faces the Dodgers next weekend.
He has only 5-quality starts in last 14-starts dating to last summer.

HOSMER:  What’s with the multiple errors from a former Gold Glove first sacker.  He did not have a great defensive season last year either.  But he’s hitting.

GRISHAM:  Gold Glove award, hitting leadoff, gets on base, steals bases, how did Milwaukee let this guy get away?

FANS:  They had a good time, all 15,000 plus each game, but I will ask, no masks in the stands-why?  I hope all these fans have been vaccinated.  I hope they’re not stupid, risking their health just to go to the game.

TV: What a weekend for the popular  broadcast crew, Don Orsillo-Mark Grant.  They were on the edge for all three games of the series. Talked about being focused.  Fun broadcast.  Only negative, way too many analytic numbers from analyst Bob Scanlan.  Let him talk baseball, not 1st-2nd-3rd pitch comparisons.  His assessments of who can doctor, not doctor, the ball were fun.  Fans don’t need an assortment of metrics.

PADRES-DODGERS:  Just think, we have 16-more of these games to be played between these two teams, with the next chapter, 4-straight at Dodgers Stadium, home of the Evil Empire.  Think there will be some more ‘Electricity’ in LA?



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  1. Arthur J Uvaas says:

    The Dodgers are not the “evil empire.”
    If they were, they wouldn’t have withstood the bitter defeat of a bunch of cheating scoundrels such as the Houston Astros. Keep yelling “Beat LA” stupid Padres’ fans and I hope the populations of the Inland Empire; Orange County and Los Angeles keep hard-earned dollars from purchasing anything in Loserville San Diego County. Even your beloved USD were losers this past weekend in spite of my admiration for Head Coach Dale Lindsay and running back Emilio Martinez. Take back your Dean Spanos addled Chump Change Chargers. They’re an unwanted export from South State Loserville. Even the Angels have won a World Series and don’t get me started about joke of a Head Coach: Brady Hoke. Nice choke job Brian Dutcher and San Diego Stink. Face it, you’re just a poor step-sister suburb of Los Angeles, let’s remember, LA Basher, that you did play-by-play for USC. You failed miserably as a talk show host on KLAC. You failed so miserably, that punks: Petros and Matt Smith made fun of you. Don’t reach out to Angels’ and Dodgers’ fans if you’re going to disparage us. BTW: Jesse Aggler and Tony Gwynne, Jr. are brutal.

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